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Cats in Skyrim

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Fantastic Felines

The most respected creature of Tamriel, Cat. All cats are certified obligate carnivores with a penchant for pest control, chin scratches and the occasional tummy rub.


Cultures all over Tamriel have long been… amused by cats. These fuzzballs of amazing are known for their hunting prowess on farms by keeping pesky mice out of the food grain, or a cuddle companion on those frigid Skyrim nights. When you travel through Skyrim you will encounter cats all over.

— Alfiq —

There are four Alfiq cats which were hidden away by bad people. If you rescue them and wear their magical ring they will aid you in your conquests

Balwick – White River Watch
Cecelia – Dead Man’s Respite
Cedar – Shimmermist Cave
Mawli – Black-Briar Manor

— Leveling —

Cats are invulnerble, won’t show blood decals if hit and cannot die. The game engine is a bit clunky and might show arrows sticking out of their body if an archer hits them.

— NPC Cats —

Some people around the world have their own cat following them.

— Animations —

Animations run on a behavior graph, sometimes the game engine doesn’t update. In prior releases the cats were generally stuck in a standing or walking order. They now either lay down or sit when they are not following someone. This is intended.

— Logical Load Order —

Interior edits above your lighting mods. This will also help settle the rest of the mod for world edits and make sure the outside cats won’t interfere with location edits

Compatible with Dogs of Skyrim; the adoption tags take up different slots


The Cat Herder has a variety of cats he’s picked up through the years; some came to him needing mending and some cats were given to his care. Some cats simply moved in with him. You can purchase a cat tag (slot 58) from him and have one of the specially named cats follow you around.

There are 100 cats throughout Skyrim you can adopt through interacting with them. As long as you’ve made a Cat Treat at the cooking pot (after all, why would a cat just follow you for no reason? You have to show you can provide them proper treats). When you have a Cat Treat they are willing to follow you home. These cats will sandbox in whatever area they’re in, meaning if you adopt a cat and take them to your home you can “dismiss” them and they stay where they are. This is true with the cat tags as well; wherever the cat is, that’s their spot. Remember the first rule of cats: I fits, I sits. Followed by rule two: it’s fine, also mine.

Some cats have the same or similar name. This is intended.


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Well-proportioned. Majestic. Photo-realistic.

Technical Info


Compatible with Dogs of Skyrim


Load Order

Interior Edits, above Lighting Overhauls on your Logical Load Order sheet.


How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following resources:


— Credits —

Tarshana & OMB for the initial coding
Tarshana; model rigging, texture work
Hissa; other model rigging, cat collars and bells, whiskers
Vexon; 6.0 update, coding for animal follower, new models & behaviors, texture updates

Have a kitty name you want to see? Stop by Discord for more info.

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