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Dark Ages Mountains and Snow

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Extensive and Breath-taking

These mods include everything to create snow-covered, postcard-perfect Skyrim. Choose between three different color options for a custom look just for your world.


Breathless wonders

Dark Ages Mountains and Snow place the player into a new universe: Nirn. Tamriel is beholden to the magic and whims of the machinations of Anu and Padomay. As such the landscape should take you to a world in which you feel a part of it.
The Dark Ages Mountain texture pack is designed precisely for that with geological formations that are unique and glorious. The Dark Ages Snow texture pack is designed with fluffy snow to glitter off those mountains and crunch beneath your feet.
And if you really want to be in a wonderland, try Divine Atmosphere: Aetherius for the realistic fractal snowflakes!

Rugged Mountains

Dark Ages Mountains features a unique mountain retexture inspired by the volcanic and glacier-formed rock formations of Iceland, Greenland, and Norway to bring a more otherworldly/fantastical feel.

Choose from three different color options: DA Mountains, DA Grey Mountains, DA Dark Mountains


  • Mountain Slabs
  • All rocks

The choice is yours.

Dark Age Mountains is the “normal” texture that is based loosely upon the idea that Skyrim was created by the combined forces of fire and ice: vulcanism and glacier activity working in union by the Divines. It draws inspiration from the rock formations of Norway, Iceland, and Greenland.

Dark Age Gray Mountains features the same rock formations but with a more alien feel and a darker gray. There was still vulcanism and glacier activity but do the rocks have to be the same types from earth? No. No they don’t.

Dark Age Dark Mountains takes the fantasy feel up a notch with darker, richer colors simulating lava rock from Skyrim’s distant past.

Wrapped in a blanket of glistening snow

Dark Ages Snow features unique snow textures created in Quixel and inspired by the winter landscapes of Iceland, Finland, and Sweden.


  • Snow
  • Mountain Snow
  • Snowy Paths
  • Snow Grasses


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Geological marvels. Breath-taking majesty.

Shape the world to your story.

Geological Marvels. Breath-taking Majesty. But Gray.

Shape the world to your story.

Geological marvels. Breath-taking majesty. Darker.

Shape the world to your story.

Frozen ice. Fluffy snow. Wintry wildness.

Technical Info


This is a texture/graphic overhaul for all the areas listed; do not use it with other graphic overhauls that do the same thing

Load Order

Meshes and Textures on your Logical Load Order sheet.

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.


Tarshana – Snow

ClearanceClarence – Mountains

Quixel – Snow

Original Xbox Mod



  • Quixel
  • 3DSMax

Thank you

Vader – beta testing original mods

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