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Realistic Hunting

Hunterborn creates an entirely new way to engage your hunting skills. With Scrimshaw you are able to field dress your kill and properly dispose of the creature and harvest meat, bones and other just as you would if you lived in Norway a thousand years ago.


Hunterborn changes the simple routine of kill-and-loot on animals into something more immersive. This mod has its origins in Realistic Wildlife Loot, but I wanted something more in-depth for the actual process of dressing down a kill, skinning it for its pelt, taking material from it for alchemy, and finally butchering its meat – based on the animal’s weight, not just a single cut of venison.

The most significant change Hunterborn makes to the game is taking away the loot window from most wildlife. Instead, you must first choose whether to dress it (clean the carcass and prepare it for processing) where it lies, or pick up the carcass and take it back to your camp / lair / nearest vendor.

When you drop the carcass from your inventory, the original animal’s body will appear at your feet, where again you have the choice to dress it, or pick it back up. After dressing a carcass, you’re able to skin it, harvest it for ingredients like antlers, eyes, teeth, even hearts, and also butcher it for meat.

When first started, Hunterborn assumes that you are a novice hunter with no experience, so the first time you field dress a carcass, it will take a lot of time, especially if it’s a larger carcass. You’ll get faster at dressing, skinning and harvesting every single time you complete the action and you will get better (higher quality, and more) results as your skinning and harvesting level increases. Turning on the hunting knife requirement will also make a difference in your yields.

There are a plethora of other features for hunter-style play: Hunting knives that can give bonuses to skinning and harvesting; 47 new alchemy ingredients that you can harvest from animals (and monsters), some with unique effects; new meat types and cooking recipes for Skyrim’s wildlife; Scrimshaw crafting for animal bones; storage where you need it in the form of hunter’s caches; and even foraging with location-specific results.

Manage Your Kill

The first step in rendering down an animal for its goods is to “dress”, or “clean”, the carcass. This is a simple process that eliminates the most common causes of meat spoilage, and usually involves exsanguination.

Skinning – after dressing the carcass, usually the next step is to skin it – though you can choose these actions in any order, and skip any of them as well.

Harvesting – Besides the pelt and the meat of the carcass, all animals will have valuable materials that you can harvest from them. Most of these materials are alchemy ingredients, and Hunterborn adds many new custom ingredients for you to harvest and use in the creation of poisons and potions – and the effects on these custom ingredients have been designed to be specifically useful for hunter-style play.

Butchering – Hunterborn adds new custom meat types for all of the hunting game in Skyrim – and even for monstrous creatures like chaurus and dragons, if you have Monster Hunter enabled. Elk will have a distinct kind of venison, foxes and wolves have their own meat, and even mudcrabs and slaughterfish can now be a source of sustenance.

Expand Your Knowledge

Scrimshaw is a crafting system unique to Hunterborn intended to provide multiple uses for the bones you harvest from animal (or monster) carcasses. Use it to craft bone weapons, hunting knives, arrows, armor and jewellery. Polish animal eyes for new ingredients. Engrave Bones to cure diseases. Create cache markers to store your stuff. New recipes are unlocked as you increase your Harvest skill.

  • Armor
  • – Bone Armor, Boots, Gauntlets
  • Bone Amulets
  • – Wolf Moon
  • – Snow Moon
  • – Worm Moon
  • – Pink Moon
  • – Flower Moon
  • – Strawberry Moon
  • – Buck Moon
  • – Sturgeon Moon
  • – Harvest Moon
  • – Hunter’s Moon
  • – Beaver Moon
  • – Long Nights Moon
  • – Full Moon
  • Amulets
  • – Amulet of Boethiah
  • – Amulet of a Forgotten Cult
  • – Lucky Talisman
  • – Amulet of Hiricine
  • Bone Rings
  • – Lucky Bone Ring
  • – Jagged Bone Ring
  • – Thorned Bone Ring
  • – Smoothed Bone Ring
  • – Bone Ring of the Yew Rite
  • – Bone Ring of the Elm Rite
  • – Bone Ring of the Oak Rite
  • – Silver Bone Ring


Situational Awareness

Forage – search the surrounding terrain for useful materials which can include edible plants, local alchemy ingredients, animal bones, and some miscellaneous items such as firewood. The materials you find will be based on the environment – herbs and edibles are plentiful in the south, while north and at higher elevations it will be difficult to find much of anything. Level Foraging to unlock Bounty and Botany perks and improve Sense Direction.

Sense Direction – immersively discover the direction you are facing. Accuracy improves as you level your Foraging skill.

Bounty is automatically unlocked with Forage level 5. Bounty provides a chance for extra materials when harvesting ingredients from plants, similar to the Green Thumb Alchemy perk.

Botany allows the player to learn extra effects from ingredients by consuming them. This works identically to the Alchemy perk Experimenter. Improve Forage to level 4 to unlock the first rank.

Cooking is done at any cookpot to use the items you find to craft steaks, stews, teas and more. They are survival ready and will keep you warm and stave off hunger.


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Technical Info


Hunterborn and Scrimshaw are self-contained and have no incompatibilities unless a mod adds new creatures then you won’t find Hunterborn items inside of their bodies.

Load Order

Immersion or Minor Area Edits on your Logical Load Order sheet.



How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following:

Vader and Tarshana for the initial Idea

Tarshana: initial follower framework set up, horses, outfits, let’s chat/update function, backpack and saddlebag options

OMB: scripting work and idea guru for potions and spell tomes, fixes to the DB and Serana follower framework, makes it so unique followers in other mods can’t sneak into IFF’s dialog, makes it so Delphine will still recruit blades, adjustments to the Stewards and hooking the mod into the USSEP fixes so that everything runs peachy keen

Testers: OMB, Tarsh, Kojo, Ender, Doc, DeusZERO and Chris

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