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M’rissi’s Tails of Troubles

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Embark on a New Journey

Immerse yourself in a much beloved and engaging story featuring M’rissi, a Khajiit of unusual furstock who has made her way to Skyrim for reasons you will find out as you traverse her tale.



M’rissi will take you on a journey to learn who she is and why she is. As its known, Khajiit come from 17 Furstock and depending on which Masser cycle they are born under is how they look; from the small Al’fiq to the large Senche-Raht, the Khajiit people are varied yet united under the Moon.

Every decision counts. Some consequences may surprise you, so be prepared.

  • Meet a strange girl, try to get to know her better. Or not.
  • You should know that she’s quite a character, with her own opinions. And she will get to know you, step by step.


  • A long and dark story, with about 8 hours of gameplay for each ending.
  • 7 main quests and 1 optional.
  • 3 true endings, and several minor ones.
  • Dialogue options to choose from in almost every conversation, which will affect the ending – among them a few unique options, available based on player’s race, skills, etc.
  • Full voice acting for every new NPC. What’s more, 2 voice types to choose between for the main character.
  • Several new locations and items.
  • Knowledge of some Khajiiti customs.
  • A maid for your house, who will cook for you and teach you a few thief-oriented skills.
  • Collectable hand-drawn sketches.
  • And last but not least – a unique follower.

Meet the Woman with a Tail of Trouble

  • Will reply differently depending on relationship status and endings.
  • Comments on what’s around her – places, people, and on you as well (you can change how often she comments by giving her special potions – at some point in the story the trader added by this mod starts selling them).
  • Knows several songs and likes to sing if asked nicely.
  • Has a satchel (and will use items placed in it), and a backpack (which is a safe storage she won’t touch).
  • Will not conflict with vanilla quests and mods that alter followers, because she uses a separate, custom system made just for her.
  • Can ride a tiger mount (unlockable at some point of the “good” routes).
  • Can be teleported to the player almost anytime (this also needs to be unlocked).
  • Does not affect follower count.
  • Remembers where to live if dismissed (you have to tell her the location first, but it doesn’t have to be a player-owned house!)
  • Wears several outfits – some she gets as the story progresses, others you can make, others she can find somewhere and… borrow.
  • Can be told to wear a specific armor if you gained her trust (or her obedience).
  • Will learn new tricks to use in combat – if you teach her, that is; will you?
  • Moves around interacting with everything if she’s bored by the player standing still.
  • Can be quieted via a special item if she’s too chatty
  • Won’t set off (most) traps.
  • Will not kill you or your other followers in case of friendly fire.
  • Is mortal, but can be made unkillable using an item (you can get one after every true ending).
  • Has a few face and body variants to choose from (as installation options).
  • Loves Moon Sugar!



Western Watchtower

This mod requires a player who wants to role-play learning about their follower rather than just a follower who makes random comments. You cannot skip her story, it’s her story and it matters. Just remember if you want an actual marriage partner you need to treat her with respect.

Once you hit level 15, make a save game and head to the Bannered Mare and sleep for the night. Make sure you’ve allocated any perk or stat points you have. Exit Whiterun and head from the stables towards the Western Watchtower. Once you get there, you will meet a Thalmor patrol escorting a female Khajiit, S’ahara.

They’re going to the nearest rock to stay and talk. Your options are:

  • ignore them (by telling Eleria you won’t interfere, or by just standing by long enough) and they will teleport away
  • attack and defeat the Thalmor (by attacking them or by being rude, forceful or siding with the Khajiit in conversation with Eleria)

Regardless of dialogue choices, you can just quickly attack them before they start the teleportation. Oh, and as the Thane of Whiterun you can also ask Eleria for a hunting permit. This isn’t forceful enough to start a fight and they will try to teleport away after that.

If you fight, the 2 soldiers need to be killed. Eleria only needs to be dropped to 60% hp, at which point she will teleport away alone. She’s essential for now and can’t be killed. After the fight speak to S’ahara. Help her. Or, if you are a bad guy and have an empty Black Soul Gem, you can pick a dialogue that kills S’ahara and fills the gem.


If S’ahara has been teleported away or you killed her, Marriage/Friendship endings can’t be achieved.

Go to Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. Inside find Albret and speak to him. Be nice, intimidate him or use a bribe (100 gold) to get the information out of him. Next, go to the marker behind the inn. 2 mercs are talking here, at their feet you can see corpses of a merc and a dog, and also an alive Khajiit woman. You can attack the mercs, or talk. The latter lets you choose between starting a fight and a bribery (1000 gold this time). Dialogue choices that award points here:

❤ “Takes a lot of skill and strength for three well equipped men to attack a defenseless girl.” followed by “Please, be my guest.”
💔 “No, she’s mine. You just don’t know it yet.”

After you deal with them, the woman will stand up, then run away and hide.

Return to Albret, speak to him and leave the tavern. You’ll be greeted by Ulquarion, another Thalmor squad leader. You can either mislead them (they will teleport away) or provoke them to attack you (in which case Ulquarion will order his lackeys to deal with you, while teleporting away himself).
The girl will come to find you now, speak to her, she wants answers.

❤ “If the Thalmor wants you, then keeping you away hurts them.”
💔 “Because for a Khajiit, your appearance is particularly interesting. I wanted you for myself.”

She will then join you and you can begin her quests.


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Technical Info


M’rissi is a standalone follower that has her own framework and can’t be controlled by follower overhauls like IFF.

She has edits by the Alchemist Shack, currently no known mods actually prevent the area from being used. Get in touch with me over Discord if a patch is required.

Load Order

Interior Edits (above lighting overhauls) on your Logical Load Order sheet.


How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Cheats are found on KreaQ’s mod page.

Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following:

KreaQ, Original Mod Author

Tarshana: Original XBox Stable Version

Vexon: XBox 1.7 Update and Maintenance

M’rissi: Sininensusi and AdloraHealer
S’ahara: Storm Watters
Riane: Darkrogue21
Isael: Christine Slagman
Albret: Mark Enticknap
Ghost, Commander, NamelessMercenary1, Kjens: StringStorm (his YouTube, Patreon and PayPal)
Salthasar, Creep, NamelessSoldier, Nameless Chief: Craftiian
Eleria: Kasia
Ulquarion, NamelessMercenary2: Wolf999

Scenario and dialogues:

David Chappell


1.7 update:

Special thanks:

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