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The Floating Market Armor Pack III

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Handcrafted Armors

The Floating Market Armor Packs come in a variety of styles to suit a variety of adventurers. These pieces were handcrafted by the best artisans of Tamriel which you are able to create for yourself or your followers. These armors will level up with you so that you can always maintain the look you love.



Battle-Mage Traveling Gear

There are those who dream of being on the cutting edge of sword and sorcery, are you one of them? Arcane warrior, battle mage, spell sword, any way you say it, the result is the same: delivering high-impact spell use with comfort-fitted heavy armor. Perhaps between your travels of being a dragon slayer, bandit tamer and defender of the innocent you require something a bit more cushioned for the long rides and hikes. This armour pack has something to suit your tastes.


  • Bollir’s Spellsword Armor – Heavy armor for the arcane warrior
  • Traveler’s Garb – A cloth set for the wanderer or warlock
  • Offhand Spellbooks – “Shields” in the shapes of spellbooks


  • All armors have four tiers with an invisible helm where helms were not available from the Tera game.
  • Frostfall and Survival Compatible
  • Available in both male and female
  • Available for all races
  • Optimized meshes and textures for consoles

Tiers that level with you

  • Tier 0 – base level
  • Tier 1 – Level 12
  • Tier 2 – Level 25
  • Tier 3 – Level 32
  • Tier 4 – Level 46

Bonus shields

This pack includes spellbooks that act as shields in your offhand.

Bollir’s Spellsword Armor

There are those who dare to dance between sword and spell; this gear is designed for those not afraid to wield a spell in one hand and a sword in the other. Soft leather shoes will keep you light on your feet, while tempered armor keeps you protected. Specially enchanted invisible gloves give you casting maneuverability.

Male and female, fits all races

Some female body meshes will produce a seam. Use a 100-weight/max slider if a seam occurs.

Traveler’s Garb

Perfect for traveling any time of the week, these sturdy sets come paired with soft pants and padded boots.

Male and female, fits all races

Offhand Spellbooks

Why hold a shield when your arcane warrior can wield knowledge at their fingertips? These specially designed meshes allow you to fully immerse yourself into your character while acting as shields.


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Handcrafted. Unique. Just for you.

Technical Info


No conflicts exist within the mod series.

Models are all-new and craftable at the Tanning Rack and the Forge.

Compatible with Frostfall and Survival Mode.

The female version of the Bollir’s Armor may require a max slider if a neck seam occurs with certain body meshes.

You can use Divine Interventions, Divine People of Skyrim face sculpt book, or any home in Divine Cities or Divine Villages to adjust the weight sliders without losing character data.

Load Order

Pure Crafting on your Logical Load Order sheet.

How To Use

Craft the Note at the Tanning Rack in order to open up the gear. Sell or drop the Note to de-clutter crafting menus.

Craft Armors at the Forge. Craft Robes at the Tanning Rack.

Credits & Thank You’s

EnMasse for the Tera Models. Tera is copyright EnMasse. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.

CD Projekt Red for the Witcher Assets.  The Witcher is copyright CD Projekt Red. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.

BillyRo for the Spellsword Armor

Tarshana for textures, asset modeling, and rigging

Vexon for updates, mesh fixes, and texture additions


  • BodySlide
  • NifOptimiser

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