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Dark Ages Trees of the North

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Detailed and Enchanting

From the lush pines of Falkreath to the crisp autumn birch trees of the Rift, Skyrim’s trees delight the senses.


Vivid Woodlands

The Dark Ages Trees of the North graphics module is an overhaul to the meshes and textures of Skyrim’s trees. It uses the rich colours of northern climates to enhance the bark and branches of pine trees and aspen trees. Pine trees now have larger trunks and more branches giving them a fuller look without overloading the system. Aspen trees have thicker trunks with multi-coloured leaves.


  • Larger, taller, lusher trees to enhance your forests and environment.
  • Pine Trees are larger, taller and thicker
  • Aspens now come in many colours
  • Dead and snow trees are thicker but not taller due to realism and creating unique environments.
  • Full LOD created with all new meshes


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Enchanting and vivid woodlands.

Technical Info


This is a texture/graphic overhaul for all the areas listed; do not use it with other graphic overhauls that do the same thing.

Load Order

Meshes and Textures on your Logical Load Order sheet.

Place below other graphics mods that overhaul LOD.

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

The Dark Ages Series would not possible without the following resources:


ClearanceClarence for the mines, mountains, caves and signs Perms LinkSecondary Perms
T4gtr34um3r – some landscapes and the bridges I’m a co-author on the Nexus pages/ Open Source
Osmodius – for the various stone wall textures in Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm and the roads Perms Link
Insanity Sorrow – for providing some incredible resources Perms Link
raiserFX – Detailed Rugs  
Langley – furniture bits, landscape ideas and clutter items Perms Link
Gutmaw – noble furniture/chairs Perms Link
Brumbek – SMIM furniture, clutters, architecture, jewelry, etc Perms Link
Brumbek SMIM Food- Tomatoes, Potatoes, Bread, Apples Perms Link
Crusty Loaves by Thunderfluff Perms linkMod Link
HQ Food by eratico – salmon, sweet roll, venison, slaughterfish, chicken Permissions ModLink
Melt in the Mouth by Elza for cream treats Modder’s Resource
Soups by Quib (Modders Resource files) File Link Soups by Kjell Granlund (Modder’s resource) Modders Source Files
mherp – for the signs Perms Link
benitoite for the honeypot Perms Link
CrazyLion – fort doors and other meshes Perms Link
HD Markarth elecgs Perms Link
HD baskets by Himini Perms Link
Original Mod Tarshana

Textures Lib

Textures Library Textures Lib
Textures Library Brick Stone Wall
Textures Library Brick Stone Wall 112
Textures Library Medival Brick Wall
Textures Library Wood Ends
Textures Library Wood Planks
Textures Library Light Wood Planks
Textures Library Old Wood Planks
Textures Library Old Wood Planks

HQ Textures

HQ Textures Info Link
HQ Textures Wood Flooring
HQ Textures Cut Stone Textures
HQ Textures Slate Roof Textures
HQ Textures Wood Grain Textures



  • 3DSMax
  • Quixel
  • Nifskope
  • Photoshop

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