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Divine Creatures

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Updated Graphics

These textures give the base graphics a nice facelift with better nomal maps and adjusted colors to fit into any style.



The Divine Texture series is meant to boost the vanilla graphics to be more palatable. These packs feature general resolution that packs a nice punch without being stressful on your system.

With your creatures being a good bulk of your visual engagement in the world, the packs provided are small with big results.


  • Highland Cow – deep orange- modified with photorealistic textures
  • Speckled Chicken (more resemblence to Norweigan chickens)
  • Goats – chocolate brown
  • Skeevers – dark grey and off white
  • Horker – dark walrus grey
  • Rabits/Hares – now has 2 varieties: tan/white and pure white with red eyes for arctic variety.
  • Sabre Cat – dark striped
  • Snow Sabre Cat – spotted
  • Frostbite Spiders – deep brown and blue/grey for ice
  • Elk – rich brown
  • Fox – deep russet and white for arctic variety
  • Mudcrab – muddy camo
  • Chaurus – Black
  • Bears – Bears are a glorious brown , black and polar white with blue eyes

Dogs, Huskies and Wolves

  • 3 Canine Followers; a German Shepherd, Alsatian and Irish Wolfhound
  • Brand new wolf meshes and textures
  • New husky meshes and textures

This module was created as a “Dogs in Skyrim” lite by which you can have unique dog followers but also upgraded huskies and wolves. If you only want a wolf texture overhaul, you can check out Divine Wolves.

Burzow, the Alesian, is by Honningbrew Meadery. Fido, the Irish Wolfhound, is near Riverwood (by where the signs are) and Brambleberry, the Shepherd, is north of Riften. Simply talk to them and start your adventures. They will stay wherever you tell them to.



Divine Wolves is an all in one Texture and AI overhaul, unique for console users. Just like realistic, immersive wolves in real life, they will warn you before straight up attacking. They are given a better combat AI and creates a new Red Wolf texture and places them into the proper predator lists with proper pelts.

Compatible with Fatality as long as you load this lower. To date the only other mod requiring a patch is KYE

Textures are taken from Divine Canines and made into a smaller format for folks trying to save space. Do NOT use both Divine Canines and Divine Wolves. Pick just one.



Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Green.

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Technical Info


This is a texture/graphic overhaul for the animals listed; do not use it with other graphic overhauls that do the same thing.

Load Order

Divine Creatures: Meshes and Textures on your Logical Load Order sheet.

Divine Wolves or Canines:

Load order general: Area edits, above city overhauls

Load order with Fatality: Load under Fatality

Load order with KYE or KYE AIO : Load in area edits and then use the patch under

Load order with Fatality + KYE or KYE AIO: Load under Fatality, then Canines, then KYE and then the KYE Patch

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following resources:

BellyAches for the animal base

Ichibu and KrittaKitty for the wolf base

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