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Divine Textures

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Updated Graphics

These textures give the base graphics a nice facelift with better nomal maps and adjusted colors to fit into any style.



The Divine Texture series is meant to boost the vanilla graphics to be more palatable. These packs feature general resolution that packs a nice punch without being stressful on your system.

Fresh coat of paint

The Divine Architecture pack gives a fresh face to the base graphics. This is done through color adjustment and new normal maps. It’s streamlined to fit into the vanilla aesthtic and is perfect for consoles that struggles with large overhauls.


Farmhouses –

  • New wood walkways
  • Updated interior and exterior windows
  • New interior stone
  • Updated straw textures for outside and inside roofs
  • Updated doors
  • Updated stones for walls and fences


  • Updated Dwemer metal doors and accents
  • Updated stone normal maps for better fit
  • Update normal maps on original Dwemer engravings
  • New wood for the mine area


  • Updated wood logs for exterior and interior
  • New windows
  • Updated stone paths, walls and marketplace
  • Updated exterior plaster
  • New wood flooring


  • Updated clover on exteriors
  • Updated normal maps on windows
  • New interior stone floors
  • Updated interior wood floors
  • New Blue Palace tiles
  • Updated exterior wood


  • Updated stone pathways
  • Updated exterior wood paneling
  • Refreshed windows
  • Updated Dragonsreach pillar designs
  • Updated wood floors
  • Refitted door normals
  • Updated temple tiles and paneling


  • Updated exterior and interior wood
  • New normal maps for stonework
  • Updated doors
  • Updated interior wood floors

Mesh updates and fixes

Divine SMIM is a smaller version of the full one from Brumbek. It features only the absolute necessities to add a new vibrancy and look to your game.


  • SMIM Furniture
  • Clutter such as baskets
  • Dwemer Gizmos and dishes
  • Jewelry
  • Docks
  • Ropes
  • Whiterun Drawbridge
  • Lanterns
  • Animal hanging rings
  • Quills
  • Bones
  • Chests
  • Ruins furniture and pottery
  • Food – bread, potatoes, apples, tomatoes, pheasant and rabbits
  • Honey pot by benitoite
  • Extra baskets by Himini
  • Upper class furniture and opens and closes by Tarshana
  • Noble Furniture fixes from Langley, mike, Tarshana
  • Thrones by Kelretu
  • Extra ruins updates by Haladoon and Tarshana
  • Cabal120 for the Whiterun Brazier
  • Rugs by raiserFX
  • ClearenceClarence for road signs
  • Some foods by eratico
  • Soups by Quib and Kjell Ganlund
  • Breads from Thunderfluff
  • Nordic Dining Set by SDLutz
  • Extra updates furnished by, Tarshana, Photoshop and Quixel

Basic Decorations

Features select items from the Divine SMIM pack  for those who need more space and/or are on the X and can’t run a full smim


  • Bar set
  • Rugs by rasierFX
  • Noble Furniture by Langley, mike and Tarshana
  • Upper Class and Common Furniture fixes by Langley and updated textures from Tarshana

Ancient City of Stone and Magic

Markarth is situated in the Reach which has very little healthy wood and therefore the stone and Dwemer metal dominate this hold. The Dwemer metal matches the same metal found in both Dark Ages Dungeon packs because Markarth shares the same door texture. This pack also contains meshes that help ease a lot of blurry lines from all the sharp edges. It covers the mine cobble stones, the dirt and all stone buildings and roofs. Interior and exterior stone share the same texture sets.



  • New etched stone
  • Exterior mine road
  • Wood paneling
  • Dwemer doors
  • Stone steps


  • Highland Cow – deep orange- modified with photorealistic textures
  • Speckled Chicken (more resemblence to Norweigan chickens)
  • Goats – chocolate brown
  • Skeevers – dark grey and off white
  • Horker – dark walrus grey
  • Rabits/Hares – now has 2 varieties: tan/white and pure white with red eyes for arctic variety.
  • Sabre Cat – dark striped
  • Snow Sabre Cat – spotted
  • Frostbite Spiders – deep brown and blue/grey for ice
  • Elk – rich brown
  • Fox – deep russet and white for arctic variety
  • Mudcrab – muddy camo
  • Chaurus – Black
  • Bears – Bears are a glorious brown , black and polar white with blue eyes

Updated Dogs, Huskies and Wolves

  • 3 Canine Followers; a German Shepherd, Alsatian and Irish Wolfhound
  • Brand new wolf meshes and textures
  • New husky meshes and textures

This module was created as a “Dogs in Skyrim” lite by which you can have unique dog followers but also upgraded huskies and wolves. If you only want a wolf texture overhaul, you can check out Divine Wolves.

Burzow, the Alesian, is by Honningbrew Meadery. Fido, the Irish Wolfhound, is near Riverwood (by where the signs are) and Brambleberry, the Shepherd, is north of Riften. Simply talk to them and start your adventures. They will stay wherever you tell them to.

Load order: Area edits, above city overhauls

Load order with Fatality: Load under Fatality

Load order with KYE or KYE AIO : Load in MMA edits and then use the patch under

Load order with Fatality + KYE or KYE AIO: Load under Fatality, then Canines, then KYE and then the KYE Patch

Credits: Kritta for the wolf base, Dogs in Skyrim/HS for the dog meshes and textures. Doc for all the years of testing and feedback.


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Green.

Technical Info


This is a texture/graphic overhaul for all the cities listed; do not use it with other graphic overhauls that do the same thing.
To complete the look and additional graphics, you can use the SMIM addon which features SMIM meshes and new furniture and rugs that match the Dark Ages Aesthetic.

Load Order

Meshes and Textures on your Logical Load Order sheet.

Place Dark Ages – Green Whiterun below Dark Ages – Architecture to override Architecture‘s default textures.

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following resources:


ClearanceClarence for the mines, mountains, caves and signs Perms LinkSecondary Perms
T4gtr34um3r – some landscapes and the bridges Tarshana/ Open Source
Osmodius – for the various stone wall textures in Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm and the roads Perms Link
Insanity Sorrow – for providing some incredible resources Perms Link
raiserFX – Detailed Rugs  
Langley – furniture bits, landscape ideas and clutter items Perms Link
Gutmaw – noble furniture/chairs Perms Link
Brumbek – SMIM furniture, clutters, architecture, jewelry, etc Perms Link
Brumbek SMIM Food- Tomatoes, Potatoes, Bread, Apples Perms Link
Crusty Loaves by Thunderfluff Perms linkMod Link
HQ Food by eratico – salmon, sweet roll, venison, slaughterfish, chicken Permissions ModLink
Melt in the Mouth by Elza for cream treats Modder’s Resource
Soups by Quib (Modders Resource files) File Link Soups by Kjell Granlund (Modder’s resource) Modders Source Files
mherp – for the signs Perms Link
benitoite for the honeypot Perms Link
CrazyLion – fort doors and other meshes Perms Link
HD Markarth elecgs Perms Link
HD baskets by Himini Perms Link
Original Xbox Mod Tarshana

Textures Lib

Textures Library Textures Lib
Textures Library Brick Stone Wall
Textures Library Brick Stone Wall 112
Textures Library Medival Brick Wall
Textures Library Wood Ends
Textures Library Wood Planks
Textures Library Light Wood Planks
Textures Library Old Wood Planks
Textures Library Old Wood Planks

HQ Textures

HQ Textures Info Link
HQ Textures Wood Flooring
HQ Textures Cut Stone Textures
HQ Textures Slate Roof Textures
HQ Textures Wood Grain Textures






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