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Fatality: Combat and Movement Overhaul

Published: Category:Combat , Designer Mods , Fatality , GameplayWritten by: Vexonar

Serious Gameplay

Designed for pinpoint execution in engaging enemies, creating a realistic injury and cure system, and implementing several other features such as trap overhaul, better mobility, better combat syles and numerous gameplay tweaks to provide a robust, unpredictable and challenging experience within Skyrim.


Basic Settings

Fatality is already configured for you. However, you are granted a lesser power to design your own combat experiences.

The basic settings gives a comprehensive overhaul to enemy movement and combat modifiers so they think smarter and engage better requiring you to create your own strategy of engagement.

Fatality Engaged

You can choose to disable Fatality and the Fatality Injury system. While combat techniques and NPC changes are programmed in, injuries will not apply nor will all the finer nuances of what Fatality can offer. Select ‘Continue’ to set up your experience.

Stamina Management – by default you will deal 50% less damage when your Stamina is fully depleted, making it a lot more valuable in combat than it was before. Affects all types of weapons and offensive spells.

Stamina – 1H Weapons – by default this cost is set at 5 Stamina, and applies to normal swings with all one handed weapons – daggers, swords, war axes and maces. You can select other options: 0, 10, 15, 20 or 25.

Stamina – 2H Weapons – by default this cost is set at 10 Stamina, and applies to normal swings with all two handed weapons – greatswords, battleaxes and warhammers. You can select other options: 0, 5, 15, 20 or 25.

Stamina – Bow Pull – by default this cost is set at 5 Stamina, and applies when you pull your bow all the way back. You can select other options: 0, 10, 15, 20 or 25.

Stamina – Bow Hold – by default this cost makes you lose 5 points per second of Stamina while you are holding your bow back.

Stamina – Swimming – by default you lose a small amount of Stamina while you swim.

Full Body Stagger – by default Full Body Stagger is disabled. This option stuns your character when hit by a powerful blow, making you temporarily unable to move. For that reason, it can make combat particularly brutal. It can also cause combat lag. Choose wisely.

Arm Injury (Contusion) – Causes you to drop your weapon, deal 35% less damage and swing your weapon 15% slower.

Chest Injury (Abrasion) – Progressively drains Stamina and prevents Stamina regeneration.

Head Injury (Concussion) – Immediately drains Magicka and prevents Magicka regeneration. It also affects your vision.

Leg Injury (Fatal Laceration) – Knockdown on initial contact and Fatal bleeding: you bleed out a base 1% Health every 2 seconds. Because of this effect, you might receive other injuries. A Laceration will also activate a visual bleeding effect.

Injury Occurrence – by default one has a 30% chance of receiving an injury if their health falls below a certain threshold. You can change this value at any time. Thresholds 1 and 2 determine at which health percentage the first and subsequent injuries can appear. Defaults for this are 30% and 15%.

NOTE: Be careful when setting up your injury thresholds. You may want to maximize your injury experience, choosing, for example, a 40% chance of receiving one, and setting the first occurrence at 40% and the second one at 25%. This can be fatal because injuries will now last longer during the fight, greatly hindering your character.

At the same time, let’s say you choose the lowest health thresholds at which injuries may occur. While this may seem easier, if you receive a Leg injury during that time, because of the inevitable knockdown and the fact that healing potions now heal over time and not immediately, such can sometimes mean certain death. Weigh your options wisely.

Staggering when Hit – by default you have a chance to briefly stagger when hit with certain powerful attacks. Unlike Full Body Stagger, this option does not stun the player, it simply activates a camera effect that simulates a lighter, shorter stagger.

Stagger (Bow) – by default, if you are hit when pulling back a bow, your action will be interrupted and you will temporarily stagger. Also affects NPCs.

Timed Blocking – by default, blocking causes your enemy to stagger if your block happens within 1 second of you being hit. If your block is not successful, there is a 3 second cooldown before you can do this again. Additionally, your blocking is slightly more effective when you run out of Stamina and enemy hits start to remove Health instead. Ordinator disables this by default if you choose the Timed Block perk. NPCs do NOT benefit from this.

Timed Attacks – by default you deal more damage at specific moments. You will cause 25% more damage if you hit your enemies while they are power attacking or casting magic (except wards). Does not affect ranged weapons. Also affects NPCs.

Strategic Attacks – by default you deal more damage when enemies are at a positional disadvantage. You will cause 25% more standard damage when hitting an enemy from behind, and cause 5% more critical strike damage to enemies that are sitting or sleeping. Also affects NPC’s.

High Health Reward – by default you take 15% less damage at high health, and 15% more damage at low health. Also affects NPCs.

Fear of Fire – by default, walking with a torch equipped will make certain creatures flee and avoid combat. They may still stalk you waiting for an opportunity to attack, and they can do so for quite a while, but they won’t break their cautious approach unless you attack them. If you unequip your torch while they are still around, they may or may not adopt an aggressive stance at any point. Skeevers, Wolves, small Frostbite Spiders, Sabre Cats, Bears, Trolls and Ice Wraiths are affected.

NOTE: If a creature becomes hostile towards you before you equip your torch, it will lock you in combat state even if you equip it after. If you are far away enough from it you will still be able to sleep, wait and fast travel, but you won’t be able to use nearby crafting stations like the woodchopping block or the forge. You can solve this issue by either actually killing the creature or by travelling to a different location.

Powerful Enemies – by default, Dragons, Giants, Mammoths, Dwarven Centurions and Giant Frostbite Spiders take 50% less damage.

Weapon Modification – by default, your melee weapons deal an extra 10% damage. Additionally, one handed weapons benefit from a 1% critical strike damage chance increase, and two handed weapons benefit from a 1% extra stagger chance increase. This is meant to give you an edge, especially at early levels, and balance all other features which make combat more challenging. NPCs do NOT benefit from this.

Passive Health Regeneration – by default your passive Health regeneration is disabled, and you have to use Bandages, Curatives, Potions, Spells or Level Advancement in order to heal.

Damage modifiers have been tweaked to bring in a more uncompromising, fast paced feeling to combat. Vanilla values have been increased by .75 on all difficulty levels, meaning that even Novice poses more of a challenge now (although you also deal more damage). This means that “novice” with Fatality is more akin to Master or Legendary than actual Novice. Don’t be fooled by the type text. These numbers were tweaked to slowly raise the skill floor to tailor your experience.

Here are Fatality’s difficulty setting numbers:

> Novice – Vanilla x2.00 vs x0.50 / Fatality x2.75 vs x1.25

> Apprentice – Vanilla x1.50 vs x0.75 / Fatality x2.25 vs x1.50

> Adept – Vanilla x1.00 vs 1.00 / Fatality x1.75 vs x1.75

> Expert – Vanilla x0.75 vs x1.50 / Fatality x1.50 vs x2.25

> Master – Vanilla x0.50 vs x2.00) / Fatality x1.25 vs x2.75

> Legendary – Vanilla x0.25 vs x3.00 / Fatality x1.00 vs x3.75

Note: For an even more brutal and fast paced experience, download Fatality Damage Plugin. Remember – both these modifiers and the ones in the Plugin allow you to start at a lower setting so you can raise them as you level up which means that combat will never lose meaning.

Fatality overhauls most NPCs one way or another, editing combat forms for all factions and tweaking stats for several different creatures. This means your combat experience will be different on several levels, more challenging, and require a tactical awareness of how to engage your enemies on the battlefield. Here are the changes you can expect (most but not all will be described here).

NOTE: In order to balance damage in a logical way on both sides, Fatality increases NPC armor rating max values. This means that, if you use a mod like KYE to check your followers’ armor rating, you may see a considerably higher number than what you’re used to seeing. This is normal and to be expected with Fatality, and it only affects NPCs, not your own character.

AI Detection and Pursue

The AI detection system has been fully overhauled, touching almost every single detection related value. Enemies have a wider, smarter detection, and they will use their ears as well. No longer can you simply hide in the shadows while NPCs remain oblivious. They will also chase you for longer, which will sometimes result in unexpected and gruesome NPC vs NPC encounters. Additionally, you will enjoy new behaviours in your enemies as they hunt you down.

Combat Styles

Combat styles are an important aspect for NPC behaviour. We have adjusted values to bring about a more realistic feel and temperament, based on lore and current game data.


Default Combat Style, which is found on various NPCs, has been given a slight boost to power attacking and flanking. It should be easier for regular villagers to fend off attacks if necessary and fight to stay alive. It also means that it’s more of a challenge to fill murder contracts and not as easy to get away with stealing.

Shield wielding NPCs will hold their shield up longer and attempt to bash more often to upset their opponent. They have also received a boost to their Blocking skill.

Archers will always attempt to stay out of your range and strafe often.

Dual wielding or one handed enemies will attempt to power attack and catch you off guard.

Two handed enemies will attempt to power attack or block if unsuccessful their first time.

Mages will attempt to stay in range and use their more powerful spells to start; when out of Magicka, they will switch to their staff and attempt to flank or outmaneuver you until one of you is dead.

All enemies will fallback at a certain health threshold and then come around again for a last ditch effort to finish you off.

Forsworn have been given better group multipliers to work as a team in order to get rid of interlopers. While still remaining true to their well known savagery, expect them to fight smarter and stronger, and exhibit some behaviours similar to other humanoid NPCs.

The Old Orc is the only unique NPC who has been touched in Fatality (and for whom we have also included the appropriate facegen data). Seeing as he might be considered the early game equivalent to the Ebony Warrior, he has been turned into a real challenge for anyone who seeks to give him ‘a good death’. He now has a specific set of armour and weapon, and an appearance in accordance to his life of combat and bravery. The two dead sabre cats right next to him have never been as appropriate a warning as they are now. Before you engage him in combat, be sure this is a fight you want to pick.

Animals and Creatures

Most animals attack when threatened. At low health they attempt to run and outflank you, especially if there are two or more of them.

Atronachs have been given a small Magicka boost in accordance with their new combat style. They will attempt to kite and fling magic spells at you in order to keep you at bay. Ranged weapons are best used against them.

Bears in Fatality are also stronger than their vanilla versions. They have received boosts in Health and Stamina, they power attack more often, and they will withdraw from combat to recover their strength when their Stamina is low. Additionally, to simulate real life bear behaviour when injured, they were given a frenzy power at low Health, which will make them attack even more fiercely and brutally than before.

Chaurus now have a higher group offensive multiplier, making them more likely to attack when one or more are in a group and flanking you in the process.

Death Hounds were given their name for a reason. Highly intelligent and vicious, they have been given a smarter combat AI for working solo or in packs. Their new Stamina pool also allows for more power attacks, and their high Health pool makes for a very tough fight. Be prepared for them to send you to your death.

Dragons have a higher dive bomb chance, and will try to finish you off from the air where you can’t reach them. When they land they aren’t afraid of stomping you to bits, and will stop a breath attack if you move out of its way so they can quickly move into a lunge position. They were given a larger Health pool, feeling like the beasts that they should have been all along. When you beat them, you should feel like you accomplished something remarkable.

Draugr have been overhauled to make crypts more exciting and deadly. They move quicker and have a larger range of tools for defending their final resting place:

– Draugr archers will circle and strafe more often and fire arrows more accurately;

– Shield wielding Draugr will attempt to bash and knock you off your feet more often;

– One handed Draugr will power attack relentlessly, so kiting is recommended;

– Two handed Draugr will try to power attack often and fall back into a defensive position if they cannot strike you dead the first time around.

Dwarven automatons are more precise than before and you should expect them to be more of a challenge. They will power strike more often the lower their Health. While they cannot receive injuries (they have no bones or flesh), you can damage their structure’s integrity.

Falmer are the remnants of a powerful race and while their eyes are weak, their hearing is not. Able to detect your quieter movements like no other enemy, they will ruthlessly pursue you should they catch you in their caves or dwellings. With a better combat AI, more Health and higher Stamina for abilities, they are not to be trifled with anymore.

Gargoyles are deadly protectors with long reaching arms and powerful talons, and now their new AI reflects this. With better movement mechanics, combat style and a deeper Stamina pool, expect them to provide a tough and satisfying fight.

Giants do not want you messing with their camps. If you do, they will do everything in their power to bash your brains in. They now move faster and have higher Stamina levels, so upsetting them will now put you at much greater risk.

Hagravens are even deadlier. With a boost to their Magicka, they are able to cast and kite more often, yet they are also not afraid to engage in melee combat and savagely claw your eyes out.

Horkers do like to eat, but while they might just seem like fatty sea cows, they will rely on group mentality and brute force in an attempt to run you down and push you out of their territory.

Lurkers, the twisted Daedric creatures of the murky waters and servants of Hermaeus Mora, are now twice as crafty and twice as nimble. Grotesque and fearsome, they have a new combat AI and greater Stamina pool so their stomps are something to be avoided and dodged at all costs. This will keep in line with the better sprint implemented into Fatality, and allow for more strategic fighting in Apocrypha.

Mudcrabs are the only creatures that have been made non-hostile. They will still retaliate if attacked, but will no longer see you as prey. They have however been given a considerably higher armour rating in accordance to their hardened carapace, making them much more resistant to all weapon types, but they are now also weaker to magic. The bigger variants have a much higher damage output and resistance, and will therefore be significantly harder to beat. You have been warned.

Sabre Cats are more ferocious and more territorial. Unlike wolves and other creatures, they are more likely to attack you if they are alone. They are quicker and more agile than before with a greater Health and Stamina pool, and they will protect their territory at all costs.

Seekers are the Daedric guardians of forbidden knowledge for Hermaeus Mora, and as such they are now more agile to hunt you down and protect their secret tomes. With a larger Magicka pool and extended Stamina, they will seek to destroy you with utter brutality.

Spiders are mixed combat. Giant spiders like to move and defend but aren’t afraid of lunging forward if you get too close. Smaller spider variants are more aggressive but likely to fall back and flank if seriously wounded. Like Wolves and Chaurus, they prefer hunting in groups.

Spriggans are malevolent guardians of the earth and they are extremely powerful. While weak to fire, they have a deeper Magicka pool, better Health and are notoriously agile. Spriggan Matrons and Earth Mothers are given even more Magicka and movement to show their powerful connection with nature.

Trolls are utterly determined to defend their lair. They power strike more often and, as such, were given a small Stamina boost along with an increase to their Health. They do not fall back and are relentless. Using their weakness is recommended.

Vampires have been given a polish to their combat styles. Melee Vampires will power strike more often and attempt to beat you into submission. Magic wielding Vampires will kite and throw whatever they can your way.

Werewolves are beasts of legends. They enjoy hunting in packs, but they will take a running charge at you even if no other werewolf is around. Expect them to power attack more often and flank whenever they can. The NPC AI for werewolves has been enhanced along with a deeper Stamina pool, more attack damage and higher Health. Fearsome and deadly, be wary of their lairs: they will fight to protect their own.

Wolves have been adjusted in accordance to lore, receiving a boost in Health and other stats. They too will be likelier to attack in packs and attempt to flank more often. Their aggro radius has also been adjusted, meaning they will not attack you on sight anymore, but will become highly aggressive and chase you if you come close enough and they feel threatened.

Ice / Snowy Variants of creatures have higher Health and Stamina pools. They are meant to be more deadly and they are. While their attacks are similar to their non-Ice / Snowy counterparts, they are slightly more aggressive.

Numerous additional tweaks have been introduced to add to the overall experience of combat and movement in Skyrim.


Fatality tweaks most traps in Skyrim, greatly increasing their damage output according to contraption type. You might still be able to survive Dart traps for example, but other devices, such as spiked ceilings and swinging blades, will now be as deadly as they look.

In Combat Mechanics

– Parrying has been introduced. Weapons will now clash against each other when swung at the same time, which will result in some Stamina drain instead of Health and will count towards your Blocking skill.

NOTE: Vanilla game also integrates blocking into some creatures’ combat mechanism. For this reason, on occasion, you may encounter an effect similar to parrying when fighting some of them if you both attack at the same time. This is a game engine mechanic and cannot be changed by any mod.

– Blocking now makes a real difference, and places a bigger emphasis on Stamina rather than significantly affecting your Health. Apart from the Timed Blocking feature, when you have your shield up you will lose your Stamina before you start losing your health. However, blocking Power Attacks will cause you to take a significant amount of Stamina damage, especially against harder enemies. This serves a double purpose of avoiding exploitation and keeping the Blocking perks from becoming useless.

– For logical reasons, you can no longer swap any armor, clothing or jewelry pieces during combat. This applies to cuirasses, robes, helmets, circlets, hoods, necklaces, gauntlets, gloves, rings, boots and shoes. Due to game engine limitations, you will be able to take them off but won’t be allowed up put anything else back on until combat is over. For this reason, it is strongly advised that you do not attempt to swap pieces during combat and plan your fights before hand. You will however still be able to swap between weapons and shields freely.

NOTE: Items added by other mods that are missing the appropriate keywords will not be affected by this feature.

– Melee Range has been fully tweaked. All weapons now have a more realistic range radius, keeping you and your enemies from causing damage if you are not close enough to each other.

– Bows will now do a standard of 5% less damage, which may not seem like much but makes a difference when combined with all other combat tweaks. This was done to discourage exploitation of the most OP combat style in the game.

– Combat unpredictability has been taken to a new level. Now, even if you or your enemies still have a high Health percentage, there is a small chance for a powerful strike to bring you to your death under the right circumstances. This is meant to simulate a sense of lucky outcome where, sometimes, a blow dealt just right can be all you need to dispatch your foes, and potentially turn your fortune in battle around.

Movement has been overhauled to a great extent, and it was designed to bring about a feeling of logic and realism into your actions, making it much harder to ignore your physical behaviour and Stamina depletion:

– You will run slightly slower with your weapon drawn in every direction while running, or when your Stamina is low. You will also have a harder time moving backwards in battle with your weapon drawn;

– You will run considerably slower when you run out of Stamina. When your Stamina bar reaches 0, you will be temporarily unable to run like you did before. As you begin to recover, you will gradually start to run faster, eventually reaching your normal running speed;

NOTE: There is a particular bug that, when your Stamina bar reaches 0, sometimes keeps you from reaching full normal running speed when you should, especially if you are holding a weapon or spell. If that happens, there are several ways to fix it: sheathe / unsheathe your weapon (or spell), briefly sprint to regain your normal running speed, stop and start running again, or swap the camera view (from third to first person or vice-versa). This is an issue with the game engine, not Fatality. If we are ever able to find a workaround for this, we will include it in an update.

– You are able to sprint for a longer period of time. This serves a dual purpose of logic (in vanilla at early levels you can barely sprint until your Stamina gets fully depleted) and strategy. Due to the fact that Fatality introduces features like harsher enemies, slower movement with spells or weapons, or a longer and more aggressive enemy search radius, the new sprinting values will allow you the possibility of retreating where defeat seems unavoidable. However, running and sprinting movement are now more noticeably different between Light and Heavy Armor.

– You are more agile in combat and able to dodge attacks better. All actors in battle now have a much reduced hit cone, making it impossible for them to turn on their feet once they commit to an attack. If anyone is going to Power Attack, they should be certain they will meet their enemy at the other end of their blade, or suffer the consequences of their failure

Movement and Magic – You will move considerably slower when holding or casting a spell in every direction while running. Magic should feel like a truly powerful thing. For that reason, and because Fatality values Magic’s exhausting nature, not only is your movement penalized, you will also lose a small amount of Stamina when casting spells.

This Stamina drain will happen only on the first moment of casting / starting to cast a spell, in order to simulate the physical strength required to summon it. As with the others, channeling spells (such as Flames, Sparks, etc) will drain your Stamina at first release only. From then on, they will only drain Magicka as usual. These changes were implemented not only so that you can really feel when your character makes use of their Arcane powers, but also because Magic becomes more powerful with all of Fatality’s tweaks to combat and damage, which balances out the movement penalty;

NOTE: If you prefer faster movement while holding or casting a spell, download the Fatality Magic Movement Patch. This will overwrite Fatality’s Magic movement penalty and have your character run at roughly the same speed values we give to One handed and Two handed movement. You milk drinker.

Health and Potions

– By default, you no longer benefit from passive Health regeneration, so if you get hit, you won’t recover naturally. You will have to rely on potions, healing spells, bandages or tactical leveling to bring your Health back up. This feature can be toggled off in the configuration menu.

– All Health, Magicka and Stamina regeneration potions will now heal over time and not immediately. You body will absorb the benefits from such potions at a ‘per second’ basis during five seconds.

– All Health, Magicka and Stamina regeneration potions will no longer stack if they have the same effect. To avoid exploitation, you can no longer drink two or more potions that do the same thing and except them to be cumulative. They are not, and only one of the potions will actually take effect. So do not waste them.

There are two main ways to heal injuries – Bandages for lacerations and Curatives for lacerations and all other injuries. Upon starting Fatality, 5 Bandages and 5 Curatives are added to your inventory. This is in order for you to get acquainted with the new healing system, as it may feel like there is a small learning curve to some.

If you play with the injury system enabled, it is extremely important to have Curatives available at all times. Without them, removing the serious affects caused by injuries will be impossible, which will place your character at great risk until the injury is addressed. Bandages can be created out of Linen Wrap and you can craft them at the Tanning Rack (5 Bandages per Linen Wrap). You can craft Linen Wrap at the Tanning Rack using any type of common clothes.

Curatives require one Bandage and one Compound. Both Compounds and Curatives can be prepared with a Medicinal Bowl. Simple Math: Compounds + Bandage = Curative

Medicinal Bowl: You can Craft your Medicinal Bowl under the Misc section in the Forge (requires one Firewood). Once crafted, it will show up under the Misc section in your inventory. Click on the Medicinal Bowl to bring up the Compound/Curative menu. There are 6 Medicinal Compounds you can create, and each one corresponds to the same Curative number.

The Curative you create is just that – a curative that is derived from different sources. But there are many ways to create Compounds. This is so that you can choose from different ingredients you find along your journey, instead of being tied to one specific set.

Compound I – Requires 2 Blue Dartwing, 2 Blue Mountain Flower and 1 Briar Heart

Compound II – Requires 2 Chicken’s Egg, 2 Butterfly Wing and 2 Elves Ear

Compound III – Requires 1 Eye of Sabre Cat, 2 Juniper Berries and 2 Hanging Moss

Compound IV – Requires 2 Blisterwort, 2 Garlic and 2 Glowing Mushroom

Compound V – Requires 2 Bone Meal, 1 Troll Fat and 2 Venison

Compound VI – Requires 2 Blue Butterfly Wing, 2 Mudcrab Chitin and 2 Wheat

Compound V was specifically introduced for Bosmer characters or other race characters who roleplay an adherence to the Green Pact.

A Curative requires one of the Compounds and one Bandage to create. If you lack any items, you will be notified. Every Compound recipe will give you three Compounds, and you receive one Curative per Compound.

To make them feel like a natural part of the world, you can also find Bandages, Compounds, Curatives and Medicinal Bowls for sale in General and Alchemy shops. These items were introduced via script and therefore do not interfere with any mod that changes leveled lists.

Bandage and Curative Application System: Bandages will only heal a Leg Injury (Fatal Laceration), as they can be used to staunch the blood and regenerate Health. In order to heal all other types of injuries, you will need to apply a Curative to the affected area (however, Curatives can also heal leg injuries).

To Use: Once you apply a Bandage or Curative, a fadeout screen will appear, your injury will begin to heal, and your affected attribute – Health, Magicka or Stamina – will regenerate over time. If you remove your Bandage or Curative before you return to full Health, it will stop regenerating and you will need to rely on potions or spells to fully recover. However, Magicka and Stamina are not affected by this, and you will still regenerate them fully even if you unequip your correspondent bandage before that happens.

Applying a Bandage or Curative will make you over encumbered, impairing your movement. You will also not be able to equip either during combat. Attempting to do so will destroy your bandage or curative and unequip whatever piece of armor you had on the body part you tried to heal. For this reason, it is strongly advised that you do not try to remove your injuries during combat. The injury and curative system was designed to bring forethought and role play into the game. Therefore removing/adding during combat has serious consequences just as they would in real life.

Bandages and Curatives will physically show on your character, replacing the correspondent armor piece when applied. The exception to this is the Torso curative. Since it is, in effect, what your character is wearing, your cuirass/ robe / etc will automatically be reequipped when the Torso Curative is applied. Therefore, you will not be over encumbered when applying this particular Curative, but this is also the only one that does not regenerate Health.

You will be able to recover most bandages applied on their own or as part of a Curative. They will show up in your inventory as a dirty Bandage. You can reuse them if you clean them with Ale or Nord Mead (click on the dirty Bandage to select your cleaning option).

Healing injuries with Magic – For characters who strictly play as mages, therefore not making use of anything a warrior or stealth based character normally would, Fatality introduces a Restoration Expert level Spell Tome called Cure Trauma. This tome has been added to the levelled lists via script, so you can find it in the same way you would find other Restoration Expert level tomes.

Additional notes on the Injury system

– While you are suffering from injuries, the waiting and fast travel functions are disabled*

– Applied Bandages are set to either disappear or convert into dirty bandages, but on rare occasions, they may remain in your inventory even after you unequip them. If that happens, the bandage will take the name of the body part it was applied to (e.g. Leg Bandage) and you will remain over encumbered. Simply drop the Bandage to fix the issue. All applied bandages show up under the Apparel section of your inventory

NOTE: On very rare occasions, if you receive a Leg Laceration and already have another injury active, the toggle function for the Health regeneration may stop responding if you change it. If that is the case, simply reloading your save or entering a different cell will fix the issue.

* If you are using Frostfall and have the ‘Waiting Outdoors’ option disabled, the message ‘I cannot wait/fast travel while I’m injured’ will show up on your screen if you attempt to wait or fast travel. This is not an indication of an actual injury but a debuff (red effect) placed by Frostfall under your Active Effects menu, which the game interprets as an active damage to your character’s health. An injury related message shows up not because you’re actually injured, but because Fatality edits that message. ‘I cannot wait while outdoors’ would be the message showing up if you were running Frostfall and not Fatality, but the effect in terms of gameplay is exactly the same.

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Technical Info


This is a combat and movement overhaul so other mods that edit the same thing will not be compatible. Remember: Rule of One.

Incompatible Mods

Overwrite Information

Athletik Combat Fatality integrates identical changes
Awesome Potions Depending on load order, it either reverts potions back to vanilla or significantly alters potion effects and costs.
Better Potions Depending on load order, it either reverts potions back to vanilla or significantly alters potion effects.
Boss Encounters of Skyrim This mod contains navmesh issues. Use at your own risk. Compatibility has not been assessed.
Deadly Combat Fatality integrates identical changes
HASTE Uses faction edits which causes multiple issues with everything
Hardcore Difficulty: No Milkdrinkers Fatality integrates identical changes.
Immersive Health Potions Fatality integrates identical changes.
Mortal Enemies Fatality integrates identical changes.
Mortal Wounds: No Health Regeneration Fatality integrates identical changes.
Potion of Ultimate Leveling Depending on load order, it either no longer works or significantly alters potion effects.
Realistic Melee Range Fatality integrates identical changes.
Realistic AI Detection (Normal and Lite versions) Fatality alters almost all of the same values and therefore both mods should not be used together.
Rogue-Like Encounters Not only this is, at its core, a combat mod, it would also probably not feel balanced with Fatality. But considering Rogue-Like Encounters states it can be used alongside a combat mod, you can set all configurable options in both mods in a way that attempts to reduce overlap between them as much as possible. Additionally, the mod below will likely overwrite several of the features of the one above.
Search and Destroy – Extended Combat Range Fatality integrates identical changes.
Smilodon Fatality already has combat styles, injuries, timed block, etc. Using both will cause instability and crashes
Wildcat Fatality already has combat styles, injuries, timed block, etc. Using both will cause instability and crashes
Vigor Fatality already has combat styles, injuries, timed block, etc. Using both will cause instability and crashes

Semi  Compatible   Mods

Overwrite Information

Better Combat AI Mostly incompatible. Fatality edits the same settings and therefore we do not recommend using both. If you wish to do so load this mod below Fatality to overwrite our changes.
Deadly Bandits of Skyrim Load above Fatality for our mod to overwrite some settings and keep your experience balanced.
Enemies of Skyrim Mostly incompatible. Fatality edits the same settings and therefore we do not recommend using both. If you wish to do so load this mod below Fatality to overwrite our changes.
Genesis (any version) Load above Fatality in order for our mod to overwrite some settings.
Hardcore Combat AI Mostly incompatible. Fatality edits the same settings and therefore we do not recommend using both. If you wish to do so load this mod below Fatality to overwrite our changes.
Immersive Movement Mostly Redundant. Both Fatality and Immersive Movement edit some of the same movement_types so some overlap – NOT incompatibility – will happen regardless of Load Order. These are the main things you will notice depending on placement:
  – Fatality ABOVE Immersive Movement – Regarding Fatality, player moves slower while running or holding a 2H weapon. Player moves slightly slower while swimming. Player movement NOT affected when holding or casting a spell. Speed movements will be overwritten by Immersive Movement on some NPCs (Draugr, Sabre cat, Trolls, etc). Most everything else will not overlap because they are only touched by one of the mods.
  – Fatality BELOW Immersive Movement – Regarding Immersive Movement, player moves faster while running or holding a 2H weapon. Player moves slightly faster while swimming. Speed movements will be overwritten by Fatality on some NPCs (Draugr, Sabre cat, Trolls, etc). Most everything else will not overlap because they are only touched by one of the mods.
Less Aggressive Animals Mostly incompatible. Fatality edits the same settings and therefore we do not recommend using both. If you wish to do so load this mod below Fatality to overwrite our changes.
More Effective Blocking Partially compatible. If you wish to run both, load below Fatality to overwrite our Blocking settings.
Realistic Wildlife Behaviours Mostly incompatible. Fatality edits the same settings and therefore we do not recommend using both. If you wish to do so load this mod below Fatality to overwrite our changes.
OBIS – Organized Bandits in Skyrim Load above Fatality for our mod to overwrite some settings and keep your experience balanced.
Ultimate Deadly Encounters May cause stuttering with the fights or even outright FPS drop. Load above Fatality.
Complete Archery Overhaul Mostly compatible but with a couple of caveats. Disable both Stamina – Bow Pull, and Stamina – Bow Hold from the Fatality menu. Complete Archery Overhaul greatly increases bow and arrow damage. This, stacked with Fatality’s own damage tweaks, can make Archers very OP. Fatality actually goes the opposite way and slightly reduces Bow damage. Therefore, the mod placed below in your LO will overwrite the edits to bow damage made by the other mod (only for Bows, as Fatality does not touch Crossbows or Arrows).
Immersive Citizens This is not a combat related NPC AI mod but it does try to hold NPCs hostage and has its own issues.

Compatible Mods

Overwrite Information

Beasts of Tamriel Fully compatible. BoT only adds enemies and it doesn’t edit leveled lists or combat.
D13 – Faster Get Up Stand Up Fully compatible and recommended. Our Leg injury causes a knockdown which can prove to be fatal in combat. The havoc animation in D13 will help counterbalance this hindrance. Load below Fatality.
Divine Alchemy Fully compatible. DA does not touch base game potions and was adjusted to be 100% compatible with Fatality.
Dual Wield Blocking Fully compatible. Please note that Fatality makes it considerably harder to block with a weapon rather than a shield, making Blocking perks a lot more important if you dual wield.
ERSO – Enhanced Mighty Dragons (any version) Mostly compatible. Load below Fatality and consider disabling the 50% less damage dealt to Massive Targets on the Fatality menu, otherwise Dragons will likely be too OP in your game.
iNeed and iNeed Extended Compatible. If you use iNeed Extended place it below Fatality, otherwise the only the food debuffs will apply, the drink ones won’t.
Know your Enemy – Trait-Based Resistances and Weaknesses Fully compatible with the Patch provided. Load below Fatality.
No BS AI Projectile Dodge! Unnecessary as Fatality has the same feature.
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Fully compatible. This is not a combat related NPC AI mod and will therefore not interfere with Fatality.
Skyrim Alchemy Fixed Fully compatible.
Skyrim Unleveled Mostly compatible. Fatality edits a few of the NPCs in the same way, so the mod below will overwrite the settings of the one above. Everything else will be fully compatible between both.
The Ranger’s Call II – Fletching & Archery Fully compatible.
The Ultimate Dodge Mod Fully compatible. Has a few random edits to armours but so far not combat. Load below Fatality.
Tweaked Arrows and Bolts – Sniper Edition Fully compatible.
Violens / Heartbreaker Fully compatible, these are killmove mods and have nothing to do with Fatality.

Load Order

Combat on your Logical Load Order sheet and/or in relation to the Compatibility tab depending on your mod choices.

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following resources:

Vigor by Alex9ndre

Wildcat by EnaiSaian

Tarshana; coding/scripting, implementation of ideas

Vader; initial idea, mechanics, testing, documentation


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