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Skyrim Outfitters Practical Jewelry

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Expanding Your Wardrobe

The Outfitters series brings the Dragonborn new choices of armors, weapons, clothing, and accessories. All items are integrated into the world and have crafting options. Choose from different packs to customize the look of your character, NPCs, and followers. Enhance your Skyrim playthrough with expanded wardrobe options.


Functional Adornments

Skyrim Outfitters has created a distinctive and bold line of jewelry with practicality and functionality in mind. These pieces feature gemstones that are ethically sourced and conflict free for the discerning Dragonborn. Our current collections feature pieces with elements from Tamrielic travels.

With 51 pieces of jewelry to suit any taste, there’s something beautiful for you to find. What’s more, you can also craft the rings for your left or right hand! And don’t forget the torcs can be worn with a hanging necklace or pendant making you twice the stylist!

Who says you can’t wear a practical necklace and look stylish? We sure don’t!


  • Ancient Nord Amulets
    • Bear
    • Dragon
    • Eagle
    • Fox
    • Moth
    • Owl
    • Snake
    • Whale
    • Wolf
  • Briarheart Necklace
  • Carcanet of Atmora
  • Dwemer Talisman
  • Eyes of the Hagraven
  • Falmer Fetish
  • Gold & Silver Amulet of the Almsivi
  • Gold & Silver Gem Pendants
    • Emerald
    • Garnet
    • Obsidian
    • Opal
    • Sapphire
    • Thulite
    • Zircon
  • Gold & Silver Lockets in large and small size
  • House Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni amulets
  • Imperial and Stormcloak Pendants
  • Gold & Silver Mage’s Guild Crest
  • Gold & Silver right- and left-handed rings

51 pieces of jewelry

  • 7 Silver Gemstone Pendants
  • 7 Gold Gemstone Pendants
  • 2 Civil War Pendants
  • 9 Ancient Nord Amulets + a special Carcanet (slot 45 can be worth with other jewelry)
  • 8 Dunmeri Necklaces
  • Large and Small silver and gold lockets
  • Mage’s Crest for the college enthusiast
  • Dragonborn Amulet
  • Dwemer Talisman
  • Amulets for the Falmer, Forsworn and Hagraven
  • 8 Rings for left and right hand


  • Available for all vanilla races, all genders
  • Left- and right-handed rings
  • Jewelry can be enchanted but have no enchants on them
  • Rings are crafted at the Forge
  • Dragon Armor Perk required for crafting Dragonbone Amulet
  • Vendors will sell the gemstone pendants, civil war jewelry, mage’s crest, and basic lockets
  • Fethis and other Raven Rock merchants will have a chance to sell Dunmeri Jewelry
  • Ancient Nord Pieces found on Draugr, Dwemer pieces on Dwemer constructs, Falmer pieces on Falmer, etc.

Left-handed rings can’t show in the first person. This is an engine limitation.

Meshes are raised slightly up to make room for clothing and amours. Different armours and different clothing allow for the necklaces to be seen and a compromise was made to ensure the highest quality jewelry for your character.


Enhance Your Game

Expand your wardrobe.

Bold Pieces. Timeless. Practical.

Technical Info


  • Models are all-new and craftable at the Tanning Rack.
  • Script injection for level list integration
  • Compatible with Survival and Frostfall
  • Compatible with all body types, all genders, Beast, Mer, and Man races
  • Not compatible with Amulets of Skyrim. Same models are used.

Load Order

Pure crafting on your Logical Load Order sheet.

How To Use

Vendors will sell the gemstone pendants, civil war jewelry, mage’s crest, and basic lockets

Fethis and other Raven Rock merchants will have a chance to sell Dunmeri Jewelry

You’ll have to hunt Draugr for the Ancient Nord pieces, Dwemer for the Dwemer, Falmer for Falmer, etc

Craft rings at the Forge.


Bethesda for base models and textures

TumbaJamba for backpack base mod and meshes. Used with permission.

ReptileEye for the smaller backpack meshes and textures. Used with permission.

Kovich for the Mythic Dawn Ennead Banner Texture. Used with permission.

jojo-oj0j for Chainmail Textures.

CD Projekt Red for the Witcher Assets.  The Witcher is copyright CD Projekt Red. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.

FranklinZurge for some models (Battered Steel/Braced Steel, Hardened Mail Haubrek for females), Studded Chainmail, Scale and Fur, Jehennian Leather, Hide Armor with Sleeves. Open permissions.

RefurbMadness for Journeyman Healer Robes. Used with permission.

uni_SL for models and textures. Used with permission.

KrimsynKane’s Scarves! and Tona’s Oblivion Scarves models were used as a base. Used with Permission. And permission.

MERP for Original Mask. Used with Permission.

Juuichimei for knit texture for masks and scarves.

sheepswirl for Missing Bandolier – Bags and Pouches. Used with permission.

Malmana and 81wahoo for Vanilla Mashup Armors. Used with permission.

Malmana and 81wahoo for Malmana’s Weapons SE. Used with permission.

Akainan3rd for Warcoat. Used with permission.

Tarshana for additional textures, asset re-modeling, rigging, scripting

Vexon for updates, mesh fixes, and texture additions

Chris for face mask mod idea

Original Xbox Mods



  • Photoshop
  • BodySlide
  • Nifskope
  • 3DSMax

Thank you

  • Chris – beta testing
  • Doc – beta testing
  • DZ – beta testing
  • Ender – beta testing
  • Kojo – beta testing
  • Vader – beta testing
  • Nixeleth – beta testing
  • Tarshana – beta testing

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