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Dogs of Skyrim

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The Best Companions

The best companions are those who bark. Skyrim now offers a variety of hearty northern breeds to be your best friend, work companion and hunting master. Or adorable puppies that follow you wherever you go.


If there is anything lacking in Skyrim…it is dogs. I mean sure, you can have a cat to rule over you, but what about a faithful companion who will never leave your side in a fight? I bring you Dogs of Skyrim – dogs re-imagined with new meshes and texutere

Unique Canines have their own model

Vigilance – Alsatian Hunting Dog
Barbas – Black Direwolf
Tiber – Beauceron Shepherd
Ysgramor – Trained Wolf
Meeko – Brown Husky
Stump – White Hound

— All Dogs are Good Dogs —

NPCs will no longer tell dogs they’re stupid

— Dog Treats —

Turn standard raw meats into dog treats and give them out to any dog you meet!


— Levelling —

All dogs you can adopt will level with you and are unkillable

— NPC Dogs —

A variety of NPCs have dogs that follow them. They are put into the crime faction of the location they are in and are unkillable so if you try to attack someone’s puppy or dog, they will get very angry and beat you down. Please don’t kill them.

— Breeds —

Aslsation and Snowy Alsation
Rottweiler/Beauceron mixed breed
Norweigan Buhund
Norweigan Elkhound
Shiba Inu
Wolf-Dog hybrids in a variety of colors
Dire Wolves in a variety of colors
Hyena (technically cat but who’s counting?)
Irish Wolfhounds and their colors; grey, black, black and white, brown and red, brown/red and white and brown
Huskeys and armored Huskeys

These “breeds” are inspired from the real world. Due to rigging limitations and mesh limitations they aren’t perfect replicas but they are close enough. Also it’s Skyrim so expect some breed changes on a planet with magic.

— Wolves —

Wolves are also overhauled with this. This includes Timber Wolves, Black Wolves, Red Wolves and Ice Wolves with their proper pelts. This is a direct interaction with Divine Canines and Divine Wolves so you won’t need either with this mod.

On the plains of Whiterun, near the Battle-Born Farm, you’ll notice a house with two aspen trees near it. Inside is a lovely space for selected dogs to adopt. These dogs were in need of rescue and will provide companionship and fighting prowress. Simply buy the dog tag from Runs-with-Dogs and equip it. (Hidden equip location, will not take the place of other items unless it uses Slot 59). Your faithful, adopted animal will now follow you faithfully. These specially trained dogs do not count as followers. You can also buy treats from Runs-with-Dogs.

If you’d like to see your dog in the Adoption Hut or around the world, you can find me at the discord address.

There are more than forty named and unnamed dogs throughout the world you can opt to take with you. In the base game any interaction with an animal will make them auto-follow but I have removed that function so you can pick which animal to take with you. You can only adopt one at a time! When you tell the dog to go home it will sandbox in whatever area you are in. There’s two reason for this 1. so that people who want to stuff their home full of dogs can do that and 2. making them walk all the way back home can disrupt smooth gameplay.

There are Durzogs and Nix Hounds available in Solsteim at Raven Rock. Two inside the Retching Netch and two outside Raven Rock’s gates.

You will find Umbrel the Death Hound at Castle Volkihar’s Courtyard

Ushmar’s Skinned Hound will be available during a specific quest of madness

Telok, Hound of Tindalos can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Well-proportioned. Majestic. Photo-realistic.

Technical Info


Compatible with Cats in Skyrim

Do not use with other wolf texture overhauls

Unique dog overhauls might cause unintentional issues with the Dog Follow AI inside Bethesda. In the base CK dogs are auto-followed when you interact and then dismissed but Dogs of Skyrim ensures a more seamless transition

Load Order

Interior Edits, above Lighting Overhauls on your Logical Load Order sheet.


How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following resources:


Original assets created by Kritta Kitty.

SSE Conversion, Xbox plugin implementation by Tarshana.

Updates, fixes by Vexon. Exmoor pony name converted to a lore-appropriate name. Exmoor is an earth place name and does not exist in Tamriel. Pinto pony name converted to a lore-appropriate name. Pinto is a horse coat color and not a breed.


  • 3DSMax
  • Nifskope
  • Photoshop

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