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Help When You Need It

Get your Load Order filled professionally.

Success through assistance.

Getting Started

If you’re reading this, I’d hazard a guess you’re at your wit’s end. I can understand that, it happens to all of us. If you’re a bit shy or would like a one on one LLO training service with Vexon, you can request their services. All services provided through Discord is always free, this service is paying for Vexon to organize your Load Order for you.

For a flat fee of $25 you can get one hour of LLO service by which a mod list you provide is filled out professionally and promptly. The document is owned by you and on your own google account and will be yours to edit and adapt for as long as you want.

After the service is complete, all check-ups in Discord is free. If you need extra one-on-one help it’s $10 per 30 minutes of personal time.

How it Works

1. You must have a Discord account. Discord is 100% free. Use a moniker and NOT your real name. You should always withhold private information from public consumption.

2. You must have a copy of your own LLO Document which you can find here: LLO Document Link

3. Payment is set up via Paypal. The total should be a flat 25$ making sure it’s not charging a tax. Once the funds have cleared we can begin.

4. Send a message through Discord inquiring for a timeslot.

5. Once the timeslot has been established, a receipt of payment will be emailed.

6. After payment, a list of mods are to be emailed to the same email address. Please also contact me via Discord in case I don’t respond within an hour.

7. I will place the mods where they go on your LLO document along with notes. Dirty mods will not be included and will be given a reason why they aren’t put into the LLO.  Your LLO will be filled out within 8 hours unless a major life emergency happens in which case you will be notified.

8. Once the LLO is finished you will be contacted through Discord.

9. You can now download your mods, place them in the right order and begin your game.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday from 1:00 PM PST/8 PM London/ 6 AM Sydney until 7 PM PST/ 3 AM London / 12 PM Sydney

Privacy is top priority

All money received for the LLO services goes into the charities we run each month.

Your privacy is 100% assured. I do not share information with any affiliate, including Zenimax, Bethesda or otherwise. I am not sponsored or endorsed by anyone. I do this of my own free will and free time.


You will need to share your Logical Load Order with Vexona via Your document needs to be shared to allow for editing. When the service is finished, remove Vexon’s email account.

This is very simple to set up; click the Share button and then copy paste the email into Add People and Groups and then select Can Edit. Vexon will be notified via email when this happens.

You will then need to fill out the mods you want in order for Vexon to organize them. Information such as size of the mod should be included as this speeds up the process. You can use a blank template for this; scroll down to the bottom of the tab where it writes “Wish List” and fill out as much information as possible.

Please make sure you include if you are on the Original Xbox, the S or X.

Include details about the type of play-through you want. Do you want to play as an archer? a mage? Including this information helps ensure mod quality and control. The instance where there is a dirty mod, then other mod(s) can be offered as an alternative.

For further inquiries you can contact Vexonar via Discord through Armored Reptile Gaming. Thank you for your patronage!

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