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Miraak as Your Follower

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Unleash Your Will

Give Miraak a way out of Hermaeus Mora’s grasp and offer him something else to fight for. Be his friend.. or his lover.



Have the antagonist of the Dragonborn DLC as your follower! His in-game dialogue has been used in order to make him a “fully voiced” follower. Miraak will semi-intelligently use a variety of Shouts in combat. The final quest of the Dragonborn DLC was changed to give you the option of teaming up with him against Hermaeus Mora.

Bring the most terrifying force into your arsenal of followers. Shout with him, dine with him, even marry him! With two Dragonborns taking on the world, what could possibly go wrong?

His in-game dialogue has been used in order to make him a fully voiced follower with interactions and interesting combat.

His face has been custom made based on lore. After you sleep in Raven Rock he will be at his temple without a set outfit, but with only his basic gear. Trade an item with him to update his look or change it.


An alternate ending to the end of the Dragonborn DLC: Using the power of the Bend Will, you can make Miraak your new best friend! Then you fight waves of Mora’s minions and escape together. More info in the “Walthrough” section.

Miraak’s dialogue files were edited and repurposed in order to make him “fully voiced”.

If Miraak thinks you’re taking a break, he will “sandbox”. This means he will wander around, use furniture, pretend to craft, have a snack, etc.

Miraak can be married.

While traveling with Miraak, Mora may send minions to finish the two of you off. Stay alert!

Once you unlock Miraak as a follower, the area around the Tree Stone will now have a camp with bedrolls, crafting stations, etc. The camp also has a “safe” chest with a tome that can summon Miraak to you at any time.

Miraak’s level is 10% higher than yours. His minimum level is 15 and he maxes out at 150.

For combat, Miraak prefers to use Shouts. His Shouts have little cooldown and he has a decent variety to choose from.

For general combat, he uses Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Cyclone and Unrelenting Force. The first two will stagger enemies and the latter two will send them flying.

When injured sufficiently, he will use either the full three word version of Become Ethereal or, if he’s really in trouble, use the one word version (which doesn’t last as long but is a lot quicker to use).

!!!!! Get to the final quest in Dragonborn’s main questline. !!!!

You must have this mod installed before you finish Way of the Voice!!

You will be given an optional objective: use the full Bend Will Shout on Miraak multiple times. Successfully hitting him with a Bend Will means your Shout will recharge in 30 secs (three words of Bend Will usually takes 120 secs). Bend Will will still function even if he has a ward up but not when he’s ethereal. After a few Shouts, Miraak will go down.

You’ll need to hit him with the Shout a few more times. Miraak will not fight back or even move at this point. Successfully hitting him with a Bend Will at this stage recharges your Shout even quicker.

He’ll become your ally and the two of you must defeat several waves of enemies Hermaeus Mora will send at you. If you kill an enemy here, their items will all be automatically removed and placed into a special chest. This is because (1) I delete the corpses in between waves to improve performance and (2) looting during a climatic battle makes it less fun.


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Technical Info


Do not use with mods that edit Miraak’s face or items. Contact for patching needs; his current gear levels with him and all texture updates or replacers are compatible if they do not edit the stats.

Do not use a marriage mod to force his AI; he is on the marriage list for the game through a scripted system and trying to force him on another AI system will break him.


Compatible with IFF and RDO

Load Order

Immersion or NPC AI on your Logical Load Order sheet.



How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following:

Vader and Tarshana for the initial Idea

Tarshana: initial follower framework set up, horses, outfits, let’s chat/update function, backpack and saddlebag options

OMB: scripting work and idea guru for potions and spell tomes, fixes to the DB and Serana follower framework, makes it so unique followers in other mods can’t sneak into IFF’s dialog, makes it so Delphine will still recruit blades, adjustments to the Stewards and hooking the mod into the USSEP fixes so that everything runs peachy keen

Testers: OMB, Tarsh, Kojo, Ender, Doc, DeusZERO and Chris

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