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Divine Cities: Boat Travel

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Travel the Waters

Skyrim’s water ways are now utilized with two boat lines travelling east and west. Travelling the various boat lines will set you on adventures fraught with peril and pleasure.


Contains 15 locations to travel to and from on the West and East lines. There is a third line between Yngol Barrow and Solitude to travel in real-time

West Line Locations

  • Abandon Shack
  • Solitude
  • Morthal
  • Crabber’s Shanty
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Karthwasten
  • Reachcliff Cave

East Line Locations

  • Yngol Barrow
  • Windhelm
  • Mixwater Mill
  • Whiterun
  • Riverwood
  • Half-Moon Mill
  • Ivarstead
  • Riften

To begin, go to the line and untie it. There is a brief fade-to-black animation in order to set the events (and prevent you from disrupting them and causing issues). Once the line is untied, turn your camera to the boat and sit on the chair. There is a starting animation of the boat moving forward – do not move and allow the animation to play out.

Along the way you’ll encounter a variety of events. Some of these events are dangerous but fear not; you can purchase boating equipment at Waystations, Inns and Outlaw refuges. You can also find two sellers of boating equipment in Whiterun and Dawnstar.


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Beautiful. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Technical Info


This is a minor area edit.

If using Divine Cities, place under Divine Cities before Villages

Compatible with other village overhauls such as Arthmoor’s Ivarstead.

Load Order

Minor Area Edits on your Logical Load Order sheet.

If using Divine Cities place below Divine Cities but above Boat Travel

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

This mod would not possible without the following resources:


ClearanceClarence for the mines, mountains, caves and signs Perms LinkSecondary Perms
T4gtr34um3r – some landscapes and the bridges Tarshana/ Open Source
Osmodius – for the various stone wall textures in Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm and the roads Perms Link
Insanity Sorrow – for providing some incredible resources Perms Link
raiserFX – Detailed Rugs  
Langley – furniture bits, landscape ideas and clutter items Perms Link
Gutmaw – noble furniture/chairs Perms Link
Brumbek – SMIM furniture, clutters, architecture, jewelry, etc Perms Link
Brumbek SMIM Food- Tomatoes, Potatoes, Bread, Apples Perms Link
Crusty Loaves by Thunderfluff Perms linkMod Link
HQ Food by eratico – salmon, sweet roll, venison, slaughterfish, chicken Permissions ModLink
Melt in the Mouth by Elza for cream treats Modder’s Resource
Soups by Quib (Modders Resource files) File Link Soups by Kjell Granlund (Modder’s resource) Modders Source Files
mherp – for the signs Perms Link
benitoite for the honeypot Perms Link
CrazyLion – fort doors and other meshes Perms Link
HD Markarth elecgs Perms Link
HD baskets by Himini Perms Link
Original Xbox Mod Tarshana

Textures Lib

Textures Library Textures Lib
Textures Library Brick Stone Wall
Textures Library Brick Stone Wall 112
Textures Library Medival Brick Wall
Textures Library Wood Ends
Textures Library Wood Planks
Textures Library Light Wood Planks
Textures Library Old Wood Planks
Textures Library Old Wood Planks

HQ Textures

HQ Textures Info Link
HQ Textures Wood Flooring
HQ Textures Cut Stone Textures
HQ Textures Slate Roof Textures
HQ Textures Wood Grain Textures






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