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Ranger’s Call – Archery and Fletching Overhaul

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The Ranger’s Call is a complete overhaul of the fletching system within Skyrim. Create dozens of new bows and arrows through a specially created system accessed by only the purest marksman.



Fletching & Archery Overhaul

Ranger’s Call was born out of the idea of fletching and over the years has morphed into something truly exceptional. You are in charge of the type of arrows you need and you are in charge of needing a scope for your bow or not. Add on proper artillery and you have yourself a hell of an arsenal to play with.


  • All new bows
  • All new arrows
  • All new scopes
  • All new fletching crafting system
  • All new Ballista Artillery
  • The Ranger’s Workshop

The Ranger’s Workshop

You can find the workshop in Skyrim (South West of Morthal, next to Cenoba if you have Villages) where a merchant will sell you the items necessary to craft them. You can also find some arrow crates around the world, although they are rare and have limited supply.

Ranger’s Call Power

When the game starts you are granted the Ranger’s Craft Power and the ability to craft a Ranger’s Crafting Station. Go to the forge, craft the station and after that you will always be able to use your power. The station takes up no inventory room and cannot be sold. In this way you are telling the game you have heeded the call and are ready to begin your life as a true Ranger.


While many people enjoy tinkering with their bows; the right weight, tension and so forth, it is said that the arrow is often overlooked. By creating a different weighting system you can now choose to let loose your arrows at a further distance (Swift) or let loose their strength (Force). Each arrow already found can be converted into Swift or Force arrows at your Ranger’s Call Crafting Station. You have two choices: Craft arrows at the forge or with your Ranger’s Crafting Station. New arrows are injected into levelled lists.

Unique Arrows

  • Leaf Arrow – are beautifully designed Elven Arrows with strong fletching and a deep nock. To craft and convert Leaf Arrow you need Archery level 70
  • Bodkin Arrow – are simple hunting arrows which have been designed to pierce leather armour. You can craft these from the start but you need an Archery level of 25 to convert.
  • Thrush Arrow- are deadly arrows that rival Daedric Arrows crafted with the finest materials. Requires Archery level 90 to craft and convert.

Elemental Arrows

  • Poison Arrow – These arrows are dipped in a poison which causes your enemy to deplete five health points over five seconds and cripple them. Requires 40 Archery level.
  • Knockback Arrow – Knocks back an enemy that gets too close. Requires 40 Archery level
  • Use your Ranger’s Crafting Station to create your arrow of choice


  • Artillery: Death from Afar – Rain death upon your enemies with unrelenting barrages of catapult fire, fireballs and arrow storms. Simply mark your target with your Marker Arrows, use the Launch Barrage power and watch the chaos begin.


  • Fire Storm – A concentrated rain of fireballs Requires Archery Level 45
  • Ice Storm – A concentrated rain of ice shards Requires Archery Level 55
  • Arrow Storm – A concentrated hail of arrows Requires Archery Level 70
  • Catapult Strike – A barrage of explosives fired from a catapult Requires Archery Level 70
  • Rock Barrage – A barrage of large rocks Requires Archery Level 80
  • Marked For Death – Target an individual and a storm of arrows will be fired at the target, following them as they move. Requires Archery Level 100


Scoped Recipes require the base bow plus scopes. Scopes are made from glass plus ingots. Once you have a bow in your inventory, your scope menu will open up. Some bows are available at the start, others will require you to obtain or craft the bow first. Tempering exists for all scoped bows.


Enhance Your Game

Take charge of the Call.

Fletching. Scoped Bows. Ballistas.

Take charge of the Call.

No Artillery Workshop. Play your way.

Take charge of the Call.

Retextured. Detailed. Beautiful.

Take charge of the Call.

Conflict resolution. Crafting Feathers.

Take charge of the Call.

Conflict resolution. Distinctively Unique.

Technical Info


This is a full overhaul of Skyrim’s fletching and archery system.

Requires patches for crafting bows.

Requires patches for workshop navmesh.

Load Order

Single Area Edits on your Logical Load Order sheet.

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

Credits & Thank Yous

The Dark Ages Series would not be possible without the following:

Thranduil Elven Kind – Textures. Used with permission.

Insanity Sorrow:

Insanity Sorrow’s Silver and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Bows (original glass bows ). Used with permission.

Insanity Sorrow’s Huntsman. Used with permission.

Insanity Sorrow’s Silverbore Bow. Used with permission.

Outlaw666 – for Scopes from Scoped Bows. Used with permission. Note: only the scopes were added, the rest are base game or manipulation of the Insanity Bows.

Madrilous – for Artillery from Afar. Used with permission.

Tarshana – project lead, scripting, arrow distribution, asset updates

Vexon – updates, maintenance

Patches would not be available without permission from the following:

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