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Divine Cities: Premier City Overhaul

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This module was tailored specifically for the console. From its humble beginnings this has grown into a much loved overhaul where countless hours have been spent meeting new people, exploring new places, settling into new homes and finding hidden treasures in the world. Blended seamlessly into Skyrim, Divine Cities takes the history of Skyrim and turns it into something unique and whimsical.


  • Presenting Rose of the Ridge which offers Prismatic Enchants for weapons, armors and jewellery – can be found in The Rift north of Mistwatch
  • Proper exterior lighting that turns off and on depending on time of day
  • Dynamic lighting for exterior windows to reflect interior light glows
  • Multiple types of homes and cabins scattered in Cities and Towns (Consult the Housing Tab)
  • Updated vanilla homes for seamless integration (Consult the Housing Tab)
  • Reduced NPC greetings so they stop staring at you for walking around
  • Better sandboxing directives so followers and NPCs are more lively
  • Added vendors have DLC and CC integration for more shopping options
  • A logical rebuilding of Winterhold which includes lore-friendly shops
  • A true harbour in Dawnstar
  • An expansion of the trade shops in Whiterun
  • More shopping experiences in Solitude
  • Lightweight but dynamic changes to Riften, including an update to the Honorhall Orphanage
  • Unique design changes to Windhelm
  • Improved Falkreath graveyard and better layout
  • Improved Morthal with new swamp flora
  • Exciting additions to Markarth
  • Expansions to Rorikstead and Riverwood
  • Solitude docks expansion
  • More traveling NPCs
  • New followers with marriage availability
  • — Nixeleth and her sister, Sileveth
  • — Rikki Hliatto
  • — Arya Tir’nae
  • — Volimar and Gwenna Cloud-Spring
  • Logical crafting and storage
  • Proper smelters and crafting centres in cities
  • More vendors of variety
  • Zero texture replacers so you can use whatever texture pack you want
  • Lots of out of the box compatibility with other mods
  • Outlaw Refuges to sell stolen goods and buy pardon edicts to remove hold bounties
  • Waystations between holds to sell or buy
  • — Western Tree Waystation in Whiterun Hold
  • — Honeycomb Waystation in The Rift
  • — Hraggstad Waystation in Haafingar
  • — Reachwind Waystation in The Reach
  • — Red Road Waystation in The Pale
  • — Traitor’s Post in Eastmarch
  • City and Village dogs and huskies
  • Animal Pet Companions
  • — Bacchus, a cat
  • — Bróghir,  a bear
  • — Elric, a cat
  • — Ficus, a cat
  • — Kazz, a bear
  • — Miska, a husky
  • — Odr, a husky
  • — Princess, a cat
  • — Reece, a dog
  • — Rhenim, a dire wolf
  • — Sigli, a dire wolf
  • — Thoth, a dire wolf
  • — Winston, a husky
  • Adventure Horses; several horses have been orphaned by their unlucky adventurers. You can choose to keep or not keep them for yourself
  • — Stymir, Aldaruna, Peanut Butter, Briinha and Reikora
  • A magical unicorn to find and ride
  • Junk items (they have an * after the name) to sell
  • And more!


A Bustling Trade Hub of Skyrim

With a revamped central market and an added fur trader to compliment the Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun is now the bustling city it was always meant to be. Little gardens and parks decorate the city and you can watch traders and citizens move about. Note: For X users half the flora, fauna and all the NPCs are turned off by default. You can use your Cities Power (shout menu) option to turn them on if your system will allow it.


  • Optional NPCs, Flora and Tree overhaul
  • Front Gate restored + guard barracks
  • Functional blacksmith crafting area
  • Mini-parks for the citizens to enjoy
  • Proper Memorial Wall
  • Enhanced guard barracks
  • Expanded Forge and Crafting area
  • Whiterun Fur Trader shop
  • Skyforge Overhaul
  • Heimskr only preaches on the weekends
  • Nice deck area to sit and have a meal at the Bannered Mare
  • More idle markers around
  • Player home, Windcreek, added to the beautiful wind district
  • Hidden Easter eggs
  • Outlaw Refuge

Docks, Bards and Shopping

Soltiude is the largest city in Skyrim and the seat of the High King of Skyrim – it should reflect that. The Market was given a makeover, and real estate in other districts were taken over for a lush overhaul. There are new locations and new engaging content around each corner.

The Solitude wharf is an actual wharf town inspired by Irish coast shanty towns. You’ll find fish vendors, a fishing hatchery, NPC’s, wharf dogs, dock workers, fishermen and a simple player home.


  • Expanded Crafter’s area
  • More shops:
  • –  The Solitude Boutique
  • –  Hannestre’s Bakery
  • –  The Smirking Seal Pub
  • Player home, Calbridge Estate
  • Blue Palace Courtyard Overhaul
  • Citizens and Visitors that walk about
  • Expanded Marketplace
  • Local dogs
  • Flora overhaul
  • Easter Eggs
  • Outlaw Refuge
  • Wharf Expansion at the Solitude Docks
  • –Player Home
  • — shops
  • — Added NPCs

The City of Intrigue

Riften is located in the largest world space so the goal was to keep it simple yet also engaging. The center market was revamped, new NPCs that wander in less busy areas to make the city seem more alive without causing strain.

The Honorhall Orphanage can be upgraded after Grelod is deposed. Simply talk to Constance Michel when Grelod is gone and you can donate to the orphanage to add toys, books and more. Furthermore, you can talk to any street orphan and send them to the orphanage to await being adopted. They’ll be well cared for with Grelod gone!

There are two housing units to fit different playthroughs- one for the family orientated person and the other for a thief and you’ll find new followers and a variety of new NPC interactions.


  • Expanded Crafter’s area that includes a smelter so you aren’t running to Shor’s Stone just to smelt your metal
  • Updated Honorhall Orphanage with the ability to send street orphans to live comfortable lives awaiting adoption
  • Two Homes
  • – Shadowlock Base, lower docks, key crafted at the forge
  • – Autumngale, by the city gate, featuring unique item displays
  • Expanded and Improved Marketplace
  • Better lighting
  • Two Dunmer followers
  • Improved flora
  • More citizens and traders
  • More idle markers
  • Easter Eggs
  • Outlaw Refuge
  • City animals

A Magical Place

After 80 years it was determined that Winterhold was rebuilt. As the first Skyrim capital it didn’t take long for people to flock back to their roots and establish themselves. With new merchants and people, Winterhold feels more at home to the Nordic people.


  • Fully restored homes, shops and city walls
  • New Shops:
  • – Bookstore
  • – Magic Shop
  • – Blacksmith + crafting area
  • – Alchemical Shop
  • Two Nord followers
  • Citizens
  • Improved Flora
  • Player home with added adoption support
  • Easter Eggs
  • City Walls
  • Adoptable Husky
  • Hold Temple
  • Outlaw Refuge

A Humble Hold

Named after the famed Nord hero, Morihaus, this humble hold now boasts of more interactive areas and NPCs. There are better defenses erected and beautiful marsh flowers decorate the town.


  • New Shop:
  • — Blacksmith + crafting area
  • Improved entrances
  • Player Home
  • – Murkfrost Gardens with adoption support
  • Improved fencing and decorations
  • Citizens
  • Easter Eggs
  • Hold Temple
  • Outlaw Refuge

Forested Farm Life

Falkreath is located near the border of both Cyrodiil and Hammerfell making it a multi-cultural town. With a bustling lumber trade, Falkreath has been revamped to bring new life to the lumber yard, newly erected fencing, more farm life, more townsfolk and of course, a lovely layout of the famous Falkreath Graveyard.


  • Graveyard Overhaul
  • Player Homes:
  • – Vampire Lair
  • – Pineview family home
  • Improved Lumber mill
  • Expanded crafting area
  • Improved fencing and decorations
  • Citizens
  • Adoptable animal companion
  • Easter Eggs
  • Improved farms with more critters
  • Outlaw Refuge

Bustling Harbour Life

Dawnstar was originally called Danstrar and was an exile post due to the cold, harsh climate and notorious gales. Rumour has it that the settlement earned its name due to its reputation for “greeting the sun as it begins its journey.”

These days it serves as a large harbor and home to two mines which keeps the town in good economical standing. The harbor has been vastly improved, more citizens roam the pathways, the miners have their own homes and a temple was placed at a position to see the rising sun.


  • Townsfolk
  • Player Home:
  • – Snowleaf Cottage with toolshed
  • – Werewolf abode behind the town provided you remove the Ice Troll
  • Expanded docks and a way to travel to Solitude
  • Homes for all the miners
  • Pub for the pirate life
  • Expanded crafting area
  • Flora overhaul
  • Decoration overhaul
  • Adoptable animal companion
  • Easter Eggs
  • Hold Temple
  • Outlaw Refuge

City of Snow and Stone

Windhelm is the oldest established city in Skyrim which is apparent in the lack of real estate. In order to craft a thriving, ancient city,  it was decided that adding to the interior alleyways was a more logical approach. While you will see citizens travelling to and from, most engagement is done inside locations to keep the exterior free and clear to process and cause little strain.

During the Second Era, the Dunmer were a close ally to the Nords and their presence should be not only seen, but also displayed that many Nords would remember and be more racially tolerant.


  • Townsfolk
  • Player Home:
  • — Varlund Estate
  • Expanded crafting area
  • A roof for Sofie to sleep under
  • Flora overhaul
  • Decoration overhaul
  • Expanded Market
  • Easter Eggs
  • New Pub:
  • –The Dark Alley – Dunmer inspired Pub
  • Outlaw Refuge

Ancient City of Stone and Magic

As a former Dwemer city it was important to retain that aesthetic while allowing for creative licensing. The marketplace was far too small and there was just enough real estate to expand it. Due to the nature of Markarth with the labourers in the rich silver mines, a separation of upper and lower class facilitated the creation of the Markarth Bath House. Because where would miners go after work? They relax in a bathhouse, that’s what!

Please remember the bathhouse is gender neutral and doesn’t mind mixing and mingling on either side of the bathhouse.



  • Extra citizens and visitors
  • Player Home:
  • – Sunforge Retreat (with crafting)
  • Expanded crafting area
  • Flora overhaul
  • Decoration overhaul
  • Expanded Market
  • Easter Eggs
  • New Location:
  • -Markarth Bathhouse
  • Locked NPC homes to make you wonder who lives there
  • Improved and expanded mines
  • Outlaw Refuge

City of the Dunmer

Raven Rock has a few new members joining the lands of ash and magic. A pioneering couple, Alvyna and Irarnel R’eloth, now have a farm just outside the docks. They will also rent an Ash Pony for you to get around the Solstheim Island. Alyrella Balulandas runs the Raven Rock Warehouse and will sell various common items.

Ash Ponies roam the island, a hardy stock of ponies that started when a few ran loose from a ship that crashed outside the island. The original five ponies have since set their legacy. They aren’t afraid of anything, will fight for their grazing lands and will even attack human or mer if they wander too close. A Dwemer Water Pump is found outside the docks to provide fresh water for the denizens.

Tel Mithryn was given a lovely facelift and offers a humble abode for the weary traveler.



Raven Rock

  • Extra citizens and visitors
  • Player Home:
  • – Balmora Manor (can be upgraded)
  • Expanded flora type and flora overhaul
  • New vendor
  • Decoration overhaul
  • Ash pony for rent to use around the island
  • Easter Eggs

Tel Mithryn

  • Expanded root system and pathway
  • Home for the Stilt Driver
  • Player home for the player
  • Interesting things to find

Sleepy Lumber Town

Riverwood is one of the first towns a player will land when starting the game. It was important to reflect the inherent nature of this little lumber town in ways that made sense. The lumber yard was expanded with actual lumber jacks, along with beautiful trappings of the nature around the town.


  • Additional Lumberjacks/Townsfolk
  • Player Home:
  • – Riverside Cabin (the key is found in Embershard Mine)
  • Expanded crafting area
  • Flora overhaul
  • Decoration overhaul
  • Expanded Lumbermill + Yard
  • Easter Eggs
  • Citizen home exteriors updated
  • More idle markers
  • Adoptable animal companion nearby

Farming Village of Intrigue

Rorikstead is one of those places you aren’t sure that exists or not. It seems sleepy but has its own history, most of which is hidden. Lokir’s shame ended up forfeiting his family’s farming estate and now it’s up for sale. A blacksmith and his magic using wife have finally decided to sell their wares to travellers, but don’t dawdle in their store, they get annoyed when people do that.


  • Updated farms
  • Player Home:
  • – Lokir Homestead
  • Expanded crafting area
  • Flora overhaul
  • Decoration overhaul
  • Easter Eggs
  • 2 new merchants: Blacksmith + Magic Vendor
  • More idle markers

Find the perfect home.

For more information about housing, please head to our Divine Cities Housing page where you can find all the updated information about homes that are ready for purchase and move in.

House Listings

June 10th, 2024

Size increase by 15m to bring the mod to roughly 30 mb. The original DC size at launch was 45 mb, since then it was diminished to help make room for people to add mods but at the cost of quality. I have increased immersion by a factor of 2. Enjoy

— Updated and added facegen (for more unique inhabitants)
— Extra blocks and toys for children
— More open book pages to be streamlined with DC:V
— Immersive Artwork to be added into each home
— Other bits I don’t want to spoil here

Whether you are invested in adoption or not, DC has overhauled what it means to have children in Skyrim. Once you removed the dastardly Grelod, talk to Constance about improving the orphanage. Once you do this, you can send children from all over Skyrim to live there so they can be comfortable and await adoption under the eyes of a woman who cares for them. For those who are adopting, you will be able to choose two or four beds, even up to six in some homes. Simply look around for the activators

In times past, many people who shared a home, shared a bed. It wasn’t uncommon to have 4-6 people to a bed. However, we are limited with Skyrim in who can actually fit on a bed. While some changes have been made to accomodate numerous followers, there’s only so much wealth that can be spread around Skyrim. Skyrim is not modern day 1st world. While I’ve taken liberty to make as much room as possible, most followers only sandbox at night and very rarely take to a bed unless they’re a housecarl. Don’t worry about counting the beds, they share.

I’ve done what I could in updating the AI for the citizens added to DC. But listen- sometimes NPCs have their own mind okay?

I have been told over the course of my gaming time that most people join the Thieves Guild and wipe out people’s home for gold because of how stingy this game is. Sadness. I’ve done something wild: I have put along the road between Riverwood and Whiterun a Gem Merchant. They will buy your regular amethysts, emeralds and garnets at a huge markup. That way , if you don’t want to be a thief, you don’t have to be. Have your cake and eat it, too. Remember for those of you who feel you have too much gold, you can go into any temple and donate your (ill)gotten goods.

I’ve recycled the rubbish on the ground to be proper statics/items for decor so don’t freak out if you don’t see rando hay piles and junky crates. None of the vanilla homes will have cloud or linked storage and they will not have above vanilla crafting stations. My goal was to make them vanilla enhanced and more pleasant with better decor but without removing the original immersion of having these homes. With about 500 homes in DC I’m sure you can find something to your liking no matter what hold you’re in. I also provide an optional Alt Start patch to adjust the location of the items provided by alt start along with lighting template adjustments.

Vanilla Homes Updated:

I wanted to keep the vanilla homes more or less “as is.” Instead of trying to force an ideal on what the homes could look like (I already have dozens of custom homes made in each hold style) I took the idea that was there and boosted it. Instead of a “dirty” before home, I reused those references for static decorations. Because the base game wants you to have misc items and food items to pick up I didn’t remove them. Rooms were expanded to make room for a few upgrades and to have pets in the home, etc, but the aesthetics are still the same with “no havok” settle items so hopefully they don’t fly around too much.

Breezehome – Includes an expanded housecarl bedroom with a second bed, added children’s deco for the children’s room, a few mask busts to display masks/for decoration, an added baking station and expanded kitchen, new decor and some more weapon displays.

Adoption: The living room must be decorated and then select the adoption room. After you are inside you can enable the alchemy room and thereby have a fully decorated house. If you are not adopting, this does not matter for you because the adoption room is hidden anyway and can freely pick the alchemy lab.

Honeyside – expanded basement living quarters so you can have an alchemy lab, children’s room and a proper housecarl room with an extra bed.

Vindrel Hall – expanded laying to have all amenities, two children’s beds and three adult beds for the housecarl and followers. You can pick the children’s room to decorate or leave it empty. Alchemy and Enchanting are still separate upgrade purchases. Vlindrel hall was done so nicely I didn’t feel the need to add much except add a children’s room and expand on having follower beds.

Proudspire Manor had some navmesh fixed. Lighting has been updated to be less in your face and more ahh relax your face. Decorations are now on par with the cost of living in Solitude; you no longer have to try and loot the place before you upgrade. The enchanting and alchemy room are in the basement along with two follower beds. Because it’s Solitude I felt that downstairs entrance was a “service” entrance so there’s a bunch of food and extra stuff downstairs rather than scattered everywhere along with two mannequins and some display racks. The upstairs entry has the sitting room and dinning room and a proper kitchen off to the side. Children’s room, main bedroom and upstairs private dining are mostly unchanged


Enhance Your Game

Shape the world to your story.

Immersive. Realistic. Artfully designed.

Shape the world to your story.

Additional lighting for your travel needs.

Technical Info


Not compatible with other City Overhauls

Compatible with Arthmoor’s Village Series with one caveat; Darkwater Crossing needs to go below Divine Cities for landscape integration. Not compatible with Arthmoor’s Dawnstar or Rorikstead; both DC and his overhauls provide nearly the same thing so patching would make it all redundant.

Compatible with Magical College of Winterhold

You can use whatever graphic or texture overhaul you wish; many of our screenshots and videos are used with Dark Ages.

Not compatible with vanilla city overhauls; it has always been this way and now DC offers new vanilla housing edits to complete the look

Compatible with all CC

Standalone house mods might not be compatible, especially if they edit the same space DC does. Consult with the house mod page directly and make sure the edits aren’t interfering before installing and running.

Load Order

City Overhauls/Multiple Area Edits in your Logical Load Order sheet.

How To Use

Add mod to your favorites from the website.

Download mod to your library from in-game.


Have fun.

Credits & Thank You’s

Tarshana; original design layout, Waystations, Animal Pet Companions, followers, Outlaw Refugees, etc

Dressed Hearthfire Doll by Unisol

Vanilla Housing + Unique Art and maintenance starting June, 1st, 2021 by Vexona

Testers: Doc, Chris, Kojo, DeusZero, Nixeleth, Vader, Tarasque


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